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You’re not Anorexic.

Spend every day wasting away the seconds in longing for the next time you’ll eat

A 10 calorie Jello

Feel your world go black when you stand up too quickly

Feel your body shrivel away

Your bones dissolve

Into a pool of control and anxiety

Feel your hair thin away  like a naked tree in the peak of winter

Never get more than five hours of sleep

Your body will wake you up from a gnawing, relentless hunger

As if begging you

Just feed me

But you’re not anorexic

I mean, you don’t look anorexic

You just look thin

Actually, you look great

Better than ever before.

Keep doing whatever you’re doing




You, are always there.

No matter the time, day, month, year

You refuse to lift up your bear claws

And spare me the luxury of just a few seconds to breathe

All I need is a few seconds

But my pleas are irrelevant to you, instead your fangs seep further into my self-lifting mantras with loathing screams of irrationality

You call out an open season on my esteem my flaws are accentuated

My mistakes bantered

My success undermined

Until your avaricious, beastly mouth is satisfied with this season’s kills

This year you’ll get to bring home

My esteem

My ego

My elation

The cornerstones of my fleeting buoyancy are no more

But at least you’ll be eating well this year,



A female’s body

Embrace ladylike features with magic wands of bewitching mascara

and smooth, blood red lipstick.

Torture misogyny with

spells of equality

self-proclaimed independence

Explore  subdued feminine sensuality with

necklines so low

skinny jeans so sculpted

it's almost


Traverse self-identity through fleeting haircuts and colors.

Brew nuanced individuality

Thrust your athame into the cornerstones of double standards

Never apologizing for the former.

Embody sex-appeal and sophisticated glamor not to satisfy society’s demands of perfection

Not to receive half-assed validation from the aggressive mouths of lascivious men

But to feel at home in your intimate, perpetual lair   


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