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The endless expanse of sapphire blue,

Only broken by the force of the waves.

The flowing and crashing of water,

Leaving a mark in the sand.


The strange otherworldly beauty.

With all the vibrant colors...

Rosewood red of the corals,

Seaweed green of the kelp.


The unfamiliar creatures that haunt the blackest depths;

unknown predators that lurk in the endless shadows.

The fish that are vibrantly colored hovering near the surface...ones that hide in the reefs, ones that don’t, ones that divide darkness and light.


The ships skimming the surface of the sea,

Counting on the currents to guide them.

Dark clouds swiftly approach with booming of distant thunder and the crack of lightning in the horizon

A storm had come strong enough to destroy worlds.

The rolling mountains of waves that are enough to take down a ship,

The deadly waves bring a whisper of the lives destroyed at sea.


Never forgotten….


The vast power of the ocean now comforts you.

Standing in the sand, looking out at the water

Walking until you reach the point where land meets sea,

You say your final goodbye to land.

And take the final step into another world.


Water so cold it burns.

Surrounding and enveloping you.

You feel the power and mystery flowing around you like a song.

Frigid crashing water and sound of the gulls flying high overhead.

You take a breath and then let go of the pain and sorrow rooting you to this world,

Let your body and mind connect to the ocean and let the song anchor you.

Let the song envelope all you senses,

And just listen until you hear no more.




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