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I live on a planet in a galaxy with many warring planets. My planet wanted peace, but could not secure it. Due to the many planets preparing to wage a war against my planet, the government built a defense system mega-weapon (the DSMW). It orbited the planet and could shoot off a powerful ray of energy.

The problem was, the government didn’t know how to power the DSMW. It needed a powerful charge to fire off an energy ray, but the government could not find the right energy charge. The government sent a message to the whole planet, asking for a solution to power the defense. They also offered a hefty sum of money as a cash prize. So, I made a new invention that was solar powered. It could fire a quick solar charge into anything that needed power. I put it in my knapsack and left for the nearest military facility to submit it and redeem my cash. As I left my workshop, the ground shook violently, causing me to fall to the ground. The planet was under attack.

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