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I arrived at a coffee shop on Sunday morning and was surprised to find it mostly empty. My gaze fell upon a young woman with a MacBook. I felt an unusual aura radiating from her. She seemed out of place and kept glancing around while cautiously guarding her computer. Catching me staring at her, the woman stood up and slipped out the door. There was something fishy about her, and my curiosity got the best of me. I began following her and it seemed like she was hiding. She had covered herself with a low hood and sunglasses and was rapidly moving through the dark alleys. Suddenly, she stopped to call someone. I crept behind a dumpster to listen to her conversation. All I managed to make out was something about completing the mission. Her voice quivered as she talked and she seemed distraught. Cautiously, the woman continued walking through the alleys again, but with even more speed. Just as I was about to follow her, I noticed something. The woman had dropped a small card that had an image of her on the front. The words next to her picture confused me. They said “Title: Ruckus Causer, Destination: USA.” 

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