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As goddess of moon & night,

she labels her body in astronomy,

becoming a canvas to the universe.


I imagine her a flat landscape

stretching past infinities.


Her smile becomes a sugared eclipse

flattened on her asteroid cheeks

that burn with the desire

of a final destination.


She is propelled by her shoulders,

two masses of forgotten dwarf planets

in the outer rims of space.


Her collarbones are labeled

in purple stardust,

mocking milky nebulas

of their ever-changing

mulberry midnight shades

that always settle

in her discolored satin skin.


Her hands always saunter

towards interchanging moons,

tenuous fingers curling themselves

around a waning gibbous moon

or pricking themselves

on the vertex of a crescent moon.


Constellations weave

themselves on her joints

until she bends them

& they snap into

pools of broken stars,

like elastic thinning itself

into a horizon before breaking

at the sight of dawn

& becoming ocean.


Her veins hold pools

of dark matter.

The only thing

she cannot touch is the sun.

Yet, often at the peak of night,

she lingers too close to its

globed body of light.


She is always wanting to burn

& I imagine one day

I will watch her body break

under the tangerine heat,

skin melting into ebony dissonance,

hair braided in golden ember,

& a final shudder of air in her ribcage—

the collarbone collapse

of her skeleton turned to dust.


The universe: aflame & soon gone.

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