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Jan. 5ih, 1848. The most reinarkable resolution as yet ntroduced in either House, are those of the Hon. M. Mampton, of Allegliany co., Penn. ii favor of t he gradual nnnexalion of Mexico. They go for ths annexalion from time to lime first as territories, and as Siaies of all tliose portions of Mexico nor conquered by our Army and Novy which shall volunlarilj' o (Ter lo become a portion of the American Union. This embraces at present New Mexico, the Califurnina, Tamaulipas, New Leor., Coahuila, Chihuahua, Sonors, Senalona, Tobasen, Vera Cruz, Puebla and Mexico ; for these are all conquered nnd held by U3. Thisiscertainlv the boldest proposition ever yet made in Congress. and none but a truly indppendent, fearless nnd resolute man would have da red to ofTer it. It leaves ou! (he Wilmot proviso upon the ground which every sensib'e man must see is the true gi-ound that Mexico is exempt from slavery and must and will io remain exempt with or without any pioviso. - Whnt astonishes me most is that the author of lliis resolution is a whig, from the great whig city of Pittsburgh. Mr. Hampton I understnnd is a very able and learned lawyer,a powerful dsbater and a man of unflinching nerve and resolution. You will perceive that the great commercial advantages are among those to which he refers as well os to the joint benefits to the people of Mexico and of this Union, whieh woulJ result from the annexaiion. If I am not mistaken the Hatnpton resolulions will prove ihe most important ever offered in the United States ; nnd with sorae modifica'.ions will sooner or later be adopted. Jan. 26. General Cass this morning announced to the Senate the following important facts in relation to our army in Mexico : General Scoti's cornmar.d lins been suspended for the present by the President. Orders have Leen issued from the War Department for the itnmediate release of Gen. Worth from the arrest under which Gen. Scolt caused him to be placed, some time since, foran alleged infraction of the commands issued by his superior oificërs. Gen. Butler assumes the Cómmandoi Ihe troops stntionod in that department of Mexico over which Scott's command sxtended.