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Today, I see freshly in my new pair of eyes

Years of practice, I decided that my self worth will not be compromised

Looking in the mirror isn’t as much as a struggle anymore

For once, liking myself, even loving myself, doesn’t seem like such a bad thing

It doesn’t seem like a dream

It wasn’t always like this

Before I got my new eyes

I had my foggy eyes

It was blinded by years of hate and abuse

But I have learned that with all that hate

I have just as much love, if not more

Both in my heart to give

And in my heart I have received

Today I choose to focus on my inside

Rather than what’s going on the outside

Because my heart is beating

And for once I can feel it

I feel human for now and forever

I now wear a smile instead of that frown

That frown kept me from wearing a crown

After I learned to listen to the truth

That little frown turned right upside down

And it felt weird at first to smile again

But now, it couldn’t feel more right

I feel happy, and loved

I feel worth something and confident

And it is the best feeling in the world

I hope I can teach others to feel it too

I want others who are struggling to feel how I do too

Believe me, I have struggled before

Before 9th grade, my heart was down

My frown was to the floor


I had learned so much from the first few years

The first, is that things like a number on a math test


I had learned so much from the first few years

The first, is that things like a number on a math test

It will never define your intelligence

Or what society thinks is attractive

Will never define your beauty

Or even that the self-deprecating voices in your head…

Well, it will never define your worth, because guess what

It is just a voice

But we have a voice too

And we can fight it back

Let the angel voice be heard

The other thing I learned is that life is can be ugly

It is the sad, but honest truth

But there is a secret too

Look close and you will see

Life can be beautiful too

And once you see that

You may find some beauty in you too

These eyes I wear

They are the same bright brown pair

The difference is how I see out of them

We all bleed red when we fall

We all will fall

Some falls are harder than others

So are some bumps, some hills and some mountains you have to climb

The strength is we get back up

Some falls leave scars

Some hurt for a while

Doesn’t mean getting up isn’t worthwhile

Even when you’re hurting

There’s always hope by your side

I hope you find yours

And as I wear my brand new eyes

I’ll help you get new eyes too

Because you never swap eyes

Just seeing through a different lens

But it is like I got brand new eyes

And I can finally see me

The true me




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