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My tired, depressed soul

Is forcefully moved to an unfamiliar location.

I don’t like this one bit.


My energy is being sucked from my life form.

My natural engine, wants to choke to a halt.

It can no longer function.


I am placed on a hard, rocky staircase in a middle of a square.

It’s too hot here.

The sun is bombarding my face.

I am in a soft, fleece, black jacket.

I can’t ignore that sun.

It’s making me more tired.


I see the orange and yellow, dried up leaves

Littering the stairs beneath me.

They make a crunch, like a week old bagel.

The dead grass from last week’s decapitation.

Turning a nasty, puss yellow.


However, that cool, crisp breeze feels amazing.

The leaves changing color on the trees.

Rustling, as mother nature is grasping her children.

The sharp blades of grass bend over like dancers

Who can’t seem to handle the force of life.


The deep, rich soil secures the foundations of housing.

Makes it possible for life to be sustained.

The chirping of baby birds in a nest.

The sound of the black crows enjoying their lives.


Nature is adapting to it mother.

Who prepares them for the new beginning.

The endless, blue sky.

No clouds out here today.


The mushrooms waiting for a tan

They are a light, eggshell brown.

Hoping to be rich oak.

The mahogany ants crawling through the forest.

Shading themselves under the toadstool getting toasty.


The bees are transporting the golden nectar of the flowers.

To brace for what mother is telling them to prepare for.

The birds bringing food to their hungry young

On the swaying branches of heaven.

Everything is protecting each other.


They are energized and ready to fight their creator.

I am not ready.

I can’t do this.

I don’t want all this beauty to get covered.


But their mother conceals me in her arms

And all the emptiness in my chi drained body

Flows through me like electricity through wires.

I am ready.


My mother has me in her hands.

Bring it on.

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