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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a kingdom far far away; her name was Andromeda. Andromeda was the youngest of three sisters. The eldest sister, Bellatrix, was viscous towards her other sisters. She hit them and told them that they would never be as beautiful as her. Narcissa was the second eldest sister. She despised the fact that Bellatrix assaulted her and Andromeda. Narcissa and Andromeda became close friends growing up, and planned to rule the kingdom together one day.


One day, the three sisters were called to the royal chambers to speak with the King and Queen of the kingdom. Bellatrix plowed her way through and was the first one in the chambers; Narcissa and Andromeda followed suit. The King and Queen were sitting down at the royal throne. The Queen stood up and asked the children to come forward, as she had something important to say.


“Ladies, there will be a day when one of you will take the Royal Throne to the kingdom,” the Queen projected. “In order for this to happen, you will need to prove that you are the best choice for this kingdom.” “You are going to have to get married to a prince from another royal kingdom..”


The King interrupted. “You will have to get approved marriage first from me.” The princesses gasped. “If you are unable to get accepted by a prince, then you will be banished from this kingdom for as long as you shall live.”


Bellatrix wasn’t worried one bit. She knew that she could ascend to the Royal Throne, and she would do everything to make that happen. Narcissa was a little frightened. She wanted the Throne more than anything, and she would have to find a prince to make that happen, but she didn’t know if she could please her father. Andromeda wanted nothing to do with the throne, The only thing she wanted was to find her true love.


Bellatrix wanted to frighten her other sisters so that she could ascend to the throne and make her sisters her slaves. She came up with the idea to make a fake prophecy to scare the other children. She called Andromeda and Narcissa into the room to tell the prophecy.


“There comes a day when the sky burns with fire, eyes of ice and a soul hungry for power, when the moon turns to dark, evil will leave its mark.”


Bellatrix told the girls that the person who was in the prophecy had bright blue eyes and blond hair. Narcissa realized that she had all of these traits, and that meant that she can no longer become the heir to the throne. Andromeda had to step up and beat Bella and claim the throne for her sister.


Bellatrix left her sisters in the palace and left the kingdom in search for her beloved  prince. Narcissa didn’t believe that the prophecy is talking about her, so she sets off anyway to find her own prince. Meanwhile, Andromeda stayed at the palace to console her sister who cannot believe that she can no longer claim the spot as queen.


Bellatrix had found the perfect prince almost immediately. She always had that devious charm that could get anyone to fall in love with her. He was from a kingdom a few miles away, so she brought him to her kingdom so that he can meet her father for approval.


The King and Queen are not so sure that this prince is able to run a kingdom on his own. The King set up an entire feast to see how the prince’s manners stand up. The prince had excellent table manners, and respectful conversation techniques. The King was so impressed that he approved the marriage between Bellatrix and the new prince. In the doorway, unnoticed, was Narcissa; filled with anger and revenge. Her sister had betrayed her.


Narcissa’s whole demeanor had changed drastically. She wasn’t one of the kind sisters anymore, but rather a soul that hungry for power. She wanted to rule the kingdom, and she realized that Bellatrix was taking advantage of the prophecy. Narcissa wasn’t going to let this happen. She left the palace and headed towards a kingdom due north.


Narcissa made it to the kingdom in the north. When she was there, she noticed that her ice blue eyes and long blond hair gave her an advantage. A lot of men approached her, but she only wanted to find a prince. Narcissa climbed the rocky stairs to the palace on the hill. There she found a king, queen, and a prince.


The prince was immediately drawn to Narcissa’s beauty, and so were the King and Queen. She asked the prince if he would like to marry her, and he quickly accepted. The King and Queen also approved of this marriage. The two had dinner together that night, and Narcissa noticed that he had some of the same qualities as her. She asked him, “Would you like to rule a kingdom with me?” The prince replied, “Yes, but only if we do it my way”


He was very controlling. He had an idea to rule the kingdom and enslave all its people. Then they could take all the riches of the land and live a wonderful life. Narcissa added that she could poison her two sisters and her parents so she could take the throne for herself. She then realized that she was beginning to be the woman just like in the prophecy. She promised that she would do everything to make sure that the prophecy didn’t happen but she felt the power rush through her veins.


Narcissa changed the prophet “There comes a day when the sky burns with fire, eyes of ice and a soul hungry for power, when the moon turns to dark, evil will leave its mark.” She noticed that she was this woman. She ran back to the kingdom.


Narcissa creeped back into the palace and saw her father with Bellatrix and her new prince. He mother was sitting next to the King. She headed into the galley and saw that no one was there. She saw all the luscious food on the table, which whose aromas filled the air around her. She saw a knife on the chopping block and picked it up.


She sneaks over to Andromeda’s chambers and saw that she was sitting in front of her mirror brushing her hair. For some unknown reason, she couldn’t control herself. “Narcissa,” Andromeda called out. She received no answer. “Narcissa!” She walk closer to Andromeda. She stated the chant again. “There comes a day when the sky burns with fire, eyes of ice and a soul hungry for power, when the moon turns to dark, evil will leave its mark.”


She plunged the knife into Andromeda’s heart, and watched her fall to the floor dead. Narcissa went into the banquet hall where her family was dining. She felt the power rage within her again, and she plunged the knife in Bellatrix’s heart. She then stabbed Bellatrix’s prince and then her mother. She walked up to king and repeated the chant “There comes a day when the sky burns with fire, eyes of ice and a soul hungry for power, when the moon turns to dark, evil will leave its mark.” She thrusted the knife in his heart and left it there til he died.


Narcissa walked up to the golden throne and sat down in her mother’s chair. Her prince walked in and sat next to her. Evil had left its mark.

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