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Dreaming is something that requires your mind and soul

It’s hard when the standards of society is something I cannot uphold

I try to withhold and withstand every woman, child, and man

But I can’t when I hear them say,

“Earth to Kai? Are you coming down from the clouds to join reality today?”

There’s only a small difference between dreamers and realists

The difference is that a realist can’t make a real list

Of their dreams

But they can make a list of responsibilities

To replace my dreams

Everybody has a dream, but as soon as you hit 18 it’s over


Dreaming is a wonderful thing of possibility and enjoyment

I could think of anything I wanted in the world, times 3

I can feel dreams bursting out of my seams

Unfortunately it seems that I need to sew them up

And put on a suit and tie, it's time to grow up

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