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By: Carly Klingelberger


I'm still told to be unchanging,

And at the same time I must be distinct,

I’m told to stick out of the crowd.

And suddenly I’m surrounded,

I drown; suffering in the silence.


So I sit to ponder; to battle with myself.

Teased about the things I don’t know,

Arrogant, wrong and weak

It's what I’ve been labeled


I cling on to the things I know a little harder,

As I am torn away, from what I think is right.


Like great glistening glares of hatred,

And the world turns cold,

Everyone’s turning.


My life becomes stiff,

As the whole world sits to watch,

The pressure unyielding,

Can she handle it?

It’s the same question I ask myself.

The only question I hear.


Like high hopes.

Pure and innocent like a child.

A sense of remembrance rushes over me,


But it lasts for a mere second.

It feels like a century.

It brings me back to when I wasn’t always tumultuous,

It makes me feel welcome, but soon enough it leaves me.


Just like the grass sways back and forth,

Like a song,

It has repetitive verses,

Back and forth, Back and forth,

Never changing.

It’s speaking to me.


Told to change,

Told to discriminate,

Told to fight against each other,

And telling me these are my feelings.

Telling me how to feel.


And disappointment too.

Having to abort before being able to achieve.

Between Worries, Bravery, and, Strife,

Belief at the center of all.


Ripped away from us.

The ideas, passion and personality.              

They take it away from us all.


Their words cutting deep like knives,

Hurting us more than they know,

So the cycle repeats...


And it’s the same thing everyday,

But I fall short

Trying to live up to the standards, to get to this level,

To grasp this bar they’ve set so high,

I try to fit in to be the same.


Why am I not good enough?

As one question runs through my head everyday.

They try to control me; to help me they say.


But it’s always been them,

They try to tell us otherwise,

It’s not us.


It’s society.


(Now read it backwards)



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