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I live in a world where

Pills aren’t drugs,

They’re candy.

People pop them

As if it’s normal for everyone.

But in reality,

People really use them to get the demons out of their head.

So they can close their eyes

And finally fall asleep.

So they’re able to get on with the day

That never seems to have an end.


I live in a world where

Bipolar is used as an everyday adjective.

People say to me,

“You’re so bipolar”

And they think it’s a joke…

But in reality,

It’s true.

I hide it under my sarcasm

And agree with them.


What everyone doesn’t know...

I take those drugs regularly.

I’m bipolar daily,

I consume that candy to help my

Bipolar head.

Bipolar eyes.

Bipolar body.

Bipolar life.

And now,

I’m addicted to that bipolar candy.

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