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Once  upon a time , there lived two Princess’. The princess of Ice and princess Of Fire. they were exact opposites, but two Peas in a pod.  Everyday, the Princess of Fire patiently awaited for the Princess of Ice to get to the playground where their houses were separated. They would both play on the swings. Fire Princess always pushed the Ice princess on the swings, even if it did hurt her hands a little. They both grew up  to be beautiful in their own ways. The Fire Princess had a buzzcut, her orange hair growing in slightly while the Ice Princess had long, straight snow white hair. Exact opposites. One day, The Fire Princess sat on the bench with the Ice Princess, and told her the true emotions she had felt for The Ice Princess. She had fallen in love with her. She had a heart of gold, and was smart. The two Princess’ tried to live in perfect harmony together, but Mother Nature had to put a stop to it.

“No Princess’ of mine shall be together!” she scolded. She gave the two a warning glare. “And on top of that, you two are exact opposites! There is no way this will work out!”

The Fire Princess interrupted. “There has to be a way we can stay together! I am truly in love with her!”

Mother Nature scowled, then looked at the two.

“Nothing lasts forever,

But if you wish to stay together,

Solve the task that lies at hand

Show me you will last till the end”

The Ice Princess stood up straight, then questioned

“what are the tasks?”
Mother nature snapped, and they appeared at a pond.

“First task at hand, help the family of mice across the pond without getting in the water yourselves. You will have ten minutes.” and with that, mother nature disappeared in a pit of smoke, as a timer showed up and started counting down. Nine minutes, 57 seconds . . .Fire Princess began to observe the surroundings.

“How will this ever work?”

Ice Princess put a hand on her side as she pondered. She thought for a few seconds, then she jumped up.

“I got it!”

“You do?”
“Yes! Watch closely!”
The Ice Princess slowly waved her hand in front of the lake, and the lake instantly turned to ice. Now the lake was frozen solid. The mice would be able to get over perfectly! One of the five mice then trotted over to the lake, began to walk, but slipped. Fire Princess looked up, and noticed a leaf on a tree perfect size for the mice to hop onto and sled across the lake! She put her hand on the tree, and burned the tree down to the leaves, grabbing the perfect one for the mice. She kneeled down, picked up the mice, one at a time, and put them on the leaf. Ice princess gave the leaf a gentle push, and the mice went sledding down the river! They arrived to the other side and hopped to the grass, giving a wave of thanks to the two Princess’. The first task was complete! All with two minutes and 18 seconds to spare! Mother nature then was at sight, giving them a dirty glance.
“You just got lucky..”
The two Princess’ then followed mother nature to the next task. They were standing in front of a corn maze. Mother Nature then spoke in a grimacing tone.

“Nothing lasts forever,

But if you wish to stay together,

Solve the task that lies at hand

Show me you will last till the end”

Fire Princess glared at the Corn maze, looking confused. What task would be in a corn maze? As if mother nature heard her thoughts, she then delivered the next task

“You will have 15 minutes this time, find your way through this very complicated maze.” Mother Nature was CERTAIN they would not make it through the maze. Mother Nature broke away in a cloud of smoke as the clock started ticking down. fourteen minutes, forty-nine seconds . . .

The duo then began to figure out the way through the maze. The Fire Princess got quickly frustrated, burning a pile of corn.

“This is the most silliest task I have ever been asked to complete!”

She looked at Ice Princess, a look of frustration plastered on her face.
“ just gave me an idea!”

“..I did?”

The Ice Princess then waved her hand once again, and the ground behind them turned into ice.

“I will freeze wherever we walked! So we know not to go there!”
The duo began walking through the maze, making turns and twists through the maze. Ice Princess marked their steps, while The Fire Princess burned the piles of corn to visualize where they were. The time was ticking down fast. The Fire Princess saw the exit, grabbed Ice Princess’ hand even though it hurt, then ran through the exit. They made it again! A minute to spare!

Mother Nature was shocked, but reappeared in front of the two.
Fire Princess spoke up.

“This is going by smoothly! What is our next task?”
Mother Nature rolled her eyes, then a cloud of smoke engulfed the three. They were now in a forest.

“Nothing lasts forever,

But if you wish to stay together,

Solve the task that lies at hand,

Show me you will last till the end”

A cry of pain made the forest ground shake beneath the duos feet. There in front of them sat a bear, an arrow lodged in the bears tummy. She roared out. Mother Nature then spoke up.

“The last task will involve helping this bear. She lost her cub. In attempts to scare the man, she roared and stood up, giving the hunter a perfect view of her tummy. She now needs your help. You will have twenty minutes. Good luck”

In a cloud of smoke, she disappeared and the clock reappeared. Twenty minutes, thirty seconds . . . Ice Princess hurriedly raced over, looking down at the bear with a face of worry.
“How will we help her?”

Fire Princess kneeled down, gently grabbing the wood part of the arrow, beginning to burn it down. Ice Princess watched in amazement. Now all that was left was the metal of the arrow and a small piece of wood. Then, the Ice Princess stepped in. she froze the part that was left.

“Why did you freeze the head of the arrow?”
Ice Princess looked up at the Fire Princess, smiling

“Your hands will melt the ice. As soon as you grab the arrow, the ice will melt and then the piece will be in your hands!”
Fire Princess nodded, and slowly grabbed the head of the arrow, the ice melting in her hands as only the arrow stayed.

“I did it! I did it!”
With a huge smile, she pulled the arrow out and smiled. The bear stood up and hugged both the Princess’, roaring a thank you.

Mother Nature then appeared, looking dumbfounded.

“I am surprised you two, I really am. Congratulations. You two showed me that opposites really do attract.”

Mother Nature disappeared into a cloud of smoke, as Ice Princess hugged Fire Princess Tightly. The two princess’ were finally together, nobody to stop them.

Two weeks later, it was wedding day. The two Princess’ dressed beautifully. Ice Princess wore a beautiful orange dress, wavy and elegant. Fire princess wore a white Tuxedo, a beautiful crystal on her tie reflecting brightly when the sun's rays hit it. The two both held many different emotions that day. As the Fire Princess looked down the aisle to see the Ice Princess, her emotions bounced off the walls. Her heartbeat 20 beats a second as she smiled brightly. As soon as The Ice Princess made her way to the Fire Princess, the crystal on the tie started to change colors. From yellow, to blue, to gray. The ice Princess was confused, but then as she looked up, the sky was changing from blue to gray. Raindrops started to fall from the sky, then she looked back at Fire Princess, the Crystal an eery gray.

“Who gave you the tie, Fire?”

Fire Princess looked over to Ice Princess.

“Mother Nature did, why?”



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