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Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away….


There lived a beautiful princess, whose lush brown hair, dazzling blues eyes, radiant smile and compassionate heart stunned all the princes of the land. Everyone including the dukes, the barons, the kings, the princes and all the kingdom’s aristocrats wanted to marry her, for it was true she was the most beautiful in all the lands, more beautiful than Snow White. But the beautiful princess did not want to marry these aristocrats, because her heart already belonged to another. The beautiful princess and the peasant boy loved each other, but this secret love neither the two could afford to become public.


One day, an envious witch heard about this princess, and, having never been dealt with love before, was jealous beyond sanity, and compassionately wanted to make sure that so long as the witch did not find love - which is never - the princess wouldn’t either. So the envious witch turned her gaze to the cauldron of ruin and chanted:


Magic Cauldron on the ground,

Tell me the ways I can ruin the princess,

To turn her smile upside down,

And turn her life into a mess.


The cauldron responded:


To ruin the princess that you seek,

Know she loves a peasant boy,

A secret you must leak,

To ruin her love and joy.


With that, the envious witch set out to find the beautiful princess and to expose her secrets and ruin her love. But when the witch encountered the princess alone in the forest she whipped out her wand and began threatening the princess.


“You there, I know your secret, you and that peasant boy, if you don’t separate from him and marry someone else, I will murder him.”


“Oh, envious witch, why must you ruin our love?” The princess asked.


“Because if I can’t have love, no one can!” The witch exclaimed.


“Well that’s not my fault” The princess refuted.


“Whatever. Go marry someone you don’t love or I’ll kill that peasant boy!” The witch said threatening the princess with her wand.


The princess nodded her head as a tear came down her cheek. She loved the peasant boy far too much, and reluctantly complied in order to save his life.




Following the witch’s orders, the princess then announced that she would hold a competition to find herself true love. Only a day later, princes from all over the kingdom traveled to the beautiful princess’s castle to partake in the contest.


“A jolly good day my soon to be love,

Your beauty is eternal and you a dove,

I and I only will win your heart,

And if I fail you may call me a fart.”


The prince said from outside the castle.


“Oh how sweet you are!” The princess lied.


“May I enter?” The prince asked.


“Yes you may!” The prince climbed up and fell into the princess’s room.


“Are you okay?” The princess asked helping the prince up from the floor.


“Yes my love. But you seem upset what bothers you?” He wondered.


“I do?” The princess wondered.


“Well whatever it is, I will turn that frown, upside down. Greetings, my name is Prince Alexander, and I love you.”


The princess had a slight smile, but she could not contain her sadness and began crying before pushing the prince out of the window.

The next day approached, The princess was dressed up in her gown as she started brushing her long brown hair, that touched her elbows. Her mother, Queen Lizah and her Father King James planned a dinner with a prince that wanted to marry the princess. The princess was unsure about this but she still wanted to attend anyways.


The family was sitting down at a huge table with fancy marbled seats.


There was a knock on a door and everyone had their attention on it.


“Looks like that’s Prince John!” Her mother said cheerfully.


“Hello!” Her mother said.


“Why hello..” Prince John said charmfully.


“Come take a seat.” Her father said, and Prince John then sat next to the princess.


“You look beautiful today I must say.” Prince John said then he kissed the princess’s hand.


“Oo thank you!” The princess blushed.


The cooks came rushing in the castle dining room placing all the food on the table.


“Let’s get eating!” The father said.


Everyone started eating while Prince John kept looking at the Princess, she felt very awkward but ignored it.


“So what do you like about my lovely daughter?” Her father asked.


“Well, she’s very beautiful!” Prince John said.


“That’s all Prince John?” Her mother raised an eyebrow.


“Yes uh..isn’t that good enough?” The Prince said nervously.


Minutes later the Princess and Prince John were upstairs in the hallway, their were pictures of the Princess and some pictures of her father and mother.


“Wow how beautiful you look in this picture!” Prince John said as he was holding one of the pictures of the princess.


The princess just chuckled not being very amused of him.


“What time do you have to go back to your kingdom again?” She asked.


“In a couple minutes my love.” He said.


The princess walked into her room, and sat down on the edge of her bed.


“And how long your hair is!” He said running his hands through the Princess’s hair.


The princess rolled her eyes.


“A-and these amazing dresses and shoes you have!” He exclaimed.

“Okay that’s enough.” She said.


“What do you mean that’s enough?” Prince John questioned.


“You’re lustfull of me!” The princess shouted and kicked him out the castle.


The princess then fell on her bed and looked up at the ceiling.


“When will I ever find the right prince to marry?” She sighed.


A day later the princess was outside picking for some apples, as she grabbed an apple off an tree all the other apples dropped on the ground.


“Oh dear!” She said.


“I’ll help you.” He said quickly picking up all the apples and blowing off the dirt from them.


“Thank you, so much.” The princess smiled.


“My pleasure.” He bowed.

“Do you need help carrying all these apples back home?” He asked.


“Actually I do, I have quite a lot.” The princess chuckled.


The prince put all the apples on the wagon and helped the Princess get on the horse due to her struggling.


“Thank you.” She said surprisingly.


Finally they arrived at the Princess’s castle, and the Prince hopped off the horse.


“Grab my hand princess.” He told.


The princess grabbed his hand and smiled again, she really seemed to like him.


The prince grabbed most of the apples while the Princess grabbed the rest.


They placed all of the apples in a bucket.


“Thank you so much for all your help!” The princess exclaimed.


“No problem.” The prince said before walking off.


“Wait! I didn’t even get your name?” The princess asked.


“My name is Prince Thuong Tran.” He hesitated.


“Oh, I never heard your name in any kingdoms.” The princess spoke.


“Yeah..” He said.


“That’s because he’s lying!” The witch said evilly as she popped up out of no where.


The princess gasped and her eyes widened.


“N-no he’s not!” She answered.


“Yes he is! He isn’t a prince in any kingdoms, plus he doesn't’ even have a cape or crown you gullible little thing!” The witch hissed.




“Well so what! He might not be an actual prince but, he should be because he has qualities of one! And I love him just the way he is!” The princess answered.


“Not if I kill him!” The witch said and instantly pulled out her wand striking him with a spell to kill him.


Tears started forming in the princess’s eyes, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing! The nicest, most loyal, “prince” she has ever meant dying in front of her eyes!


“Nooo!” The princess shouted.


But suddenly the spell reversed back onto the witch instead!


The witch gasped and looked around confusingly.


“It seems like the spell reversed back onto her because..” ‘Prince’ Thuong Tran said.


“Of her grim, jealousy, heart!” The princess finished his sentence.


The witch dissolved into dust, and now the princess wouldn’t have to worry about the witch anymore.


“I’m so glad you’re still here and she’s gone!” the princess said.


“I know right.” ‘Prince’ Thuong Tran agreed.


“I think I met the prince of my dream!” The princess happily said.


“And I think I met the princess of  my dream!” ‘Prince’ Thuong Tran answered.


They hugged tightly and kissed and soon later they both lived happily ever after


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