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Once Upon a time, in the small village of Trod, there lived a little family. The father was an apothecary, curing many diseases. The mother was a red berry harvester who fed the town. The daughter just loved her family very much. They were all always so happy that they had the brightest smiles in the town. Everyone was jealous about their joy.
The small town of Trod didn’t hold enough berries for the summer. But in another village, she found fruit that was identical. The townsfolk ate the juicy berries, but little did they know, they were poisonous. Lucky, the berries only gave the children a stomach sickness. There was no effect on adults. Her husband came up with a cure to fix these stomach issues.
Yet, the townspeople became furious. They rioted the small family's house, and threw leftover of the berries on it, staining the small hut red. Her days became sadder at the fact no one liked her, until one day she became expressionless. When the people of the town had done every punishment possible, they finally went after her family. The poor woman thought that her family’s life would be so much easier without her. 
At the end of the summer months, she went into her husband's workspace, found a potion that would kill her instantly, walked into town, gathering everyone’s attention, held the bottle to her lips, and drank. Killing her immediately, her body laid limp on the gravel, with the same expressionless face.
Her husband ran up to her, scooped her up and brought her back to his workspace. He stood there as his daughter wept on the floor by his feet. When the work was done, the father took a needle and injected life back into his dead wife whispering: “Come back to me my beautiful girl and smile for me once more.”
Her torso rose at once and cocked her head at her husband. The little girl ran up to her, weeping no more. But frowned when she saw something wasn’t right. Her mother's face looked as if it couldn’t change. She wasn’t the loving person she once was known for. Instead, her face resembled something not quite human. Something as flawless as a mannequin, devoid of eyebrows and smeared in make-up. But, she was angry. Revenged now pumped into her blood. Lifting her body, she exited her house. She was on a hunt for everyone to perish. The scared man stood there. He yelled, “You’ll regret this!” But his words trailed off not even reaching her fast-moving body.
Her first thought was to kill all the animals, hoping everyone would feel the same sadness she felt. After the act, each farm laid the dead corpses of every devoured cow, pig, sheep, or lamb that was in her sight. She traveled to each house and clamped each cat and dog, one by one, in her jaws. It was so unnaturally tight that no teeth could be seen, and blood squirted over her gown and onto the ground. Before each killing, she picked them up, look them in the eyes while they whimpered, and chanted…
“Everyone in this small town of Trod
You have wronged me, and you will perish
Because I, am God”
 Each time, the dead animal got pulled it out of her mouth, and tossed aside, leaving it for the families to find the next morning. This only fulfilled her vengeance a little and wanted the families to eventually die of hunger. Although, her next plan would kill them sooner. She collapsed for she was tired.
The next morning, the father found her and frantically shook her awake. “Wake up my beautiful girl, and smile for me once more,” he howled in the hope that this whole deal to just a bad dream.
 Instead, her body lunged at the poor man, pushing him down and was ready for more revenge. The second part of the plan was to burn the entire village, making no one have a place to live. Gathering all the gasoline from each backyard, she rose above the houses, drenching every single one. A match was struck, and the small flame hovered above the biggest house in town. Its holder was perfectly calm and expressionless. 
The father ran over, trying to stop what was about to go down. He shouted “my beautiful girl! Please come down and smile for me once more!”
Despite his attempts, there was no other movement other than fingers letting go of the match. The fire crackled and spread. As the first house went in flames, she chanted again…
“Everyone in this small town of Trod
You have wronged me, and you will perish
Because I, am God”
    The small fire spread ablaze the rest of the village. As people were awakening to the smell of their burning house, they raced out past their deceased animals. Some stopped and knelt to grieve, others were more scared for their own lives instead of the ones already breathless. Others simply fainted at the sight of the bloodbath. 
The woman was smart and knew that the fire would make everyone gather in the village square. And all the ones that were trapped or refused to leave would be killed in the process. Screams and cries came from people running out of their houses. But they gathered in the village square, and she could finish what she had started. 
    She suspended over the frightened crowd watching the distraught faces of innocent victims. A meek voice came through the crowd, one very familiar. It called out, “My beautiful girl, please come down and join me, and smile once more.”
Her eyes met the gaze of her assuring husband and took a second to think. Her eyes glazed over and her mission was back on. For the last time, she chanted...
“Everyone in this small town of Trod
You have wronged me, and you will perish
Because I, am God”
Once everyone had their attention on her, she proceeded with her plan and released an ear-piercing screech, letting out radiation that killed everyone in the town. The people became dominos and fell one by one. Her family stood behind her completely untouched.
She turned back to her husband and daughter. They were terrified as this figure levitated above the pile of bodies belong to the people of the town they loved. She cocked her head and tried to give a warm smile, but instead of teeth, she wore sharp spikes. Her daughter screamed and hid behind her father. He held her tightly, afraid of his wife. He spoke with a quake in his voice and said “Please my beautiful girl, do not smile for me once more. You will scare my precious daughter.” 
Their eyes filled with fear as they stood and shivered in fright. But something not expected happened. The little girl looked up to her father for a sign of hope. Instead, his face shifted down, for he was also expressionless. 
The frightened girl turned back and cried, “Mommy, look what you’ve done to Daddy. And look what you've done to the village. It was not right. You don’t always have to get revenge.” The poor girl held her father's hand as she stared at her mother, hovering above the pile of villagers. At that moment, the best thing to do was to leave and never return.
Their last ever sight was her flying off into the woods. Her family, the only survivors, named her “The Expressionless,” and there was never a sighting of her again, but always a warning if you hear a screech in the woods of Trod, run.

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