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DR. TÜWNSENDS ff. fff saPAKiLLA ! TUK MOST EXTRAORDINARY MEDICINE ÍN TUK WORI.D. r;iI3 EXTttACT s put iip n qmrt boules: il is ,i tiraeicheaper, uleusmuvr, and warm:ed s .perior to ny ld. U cures elísea - . aluin voruving. purging, sickening, or dcbiliaiing the patiënt. GREAT I'.U.L & WINTER MEDICINE 1 ,,. gnu 'uB.iuiy aiul miperiority ol ihls S;ir saprwilU over aüoilier nudicine is, wlnle ii eradi ..,. i8c8, u invigor ites ihe body. It ie om ery bes: ill and Wimer Medieine eve' ww; il 01 "iily purlfi-slhe whole eystem rengtbens the prson, bm t crenlfs new. ,nra and rich blü.i): a power poi-eed t.y no ■ ihur meJ.cine. Am! in iliis liea the arnnd ee rei of ii wonderful auccess II h PJ firn.ed vit tin ihó P i 10 ve;ir8 innre ilmn ::5.(in cures ,1 severa cases of diseüsei ai leost 0,1100 of these ,er conidored im-innlile. Moieihan S.ODÜ cises of Chmnic Rlieumnis n; 2,000 cases of Dyspepsia: 4.0 (Orases of General Debility and W i.nt o( 7 .'lüm cases of tlie different Female Complaints; 'MlO) cases ofScrohiU; I.5DÜ cisea ot'llie Livfr Complaint: U.ÚDO casos ol Diseaae ol ihe Ridneys nml Dnipsy; R.0OII casecof Contuinpuon: And lliousaiiJs ol cases ui diaes or llie bhwd, iiz: Uteera, Eryipe)aB, Sall Kheum, Pimpk-son tlie &c &c. logeiher wiili nu.nerous caSick Mead Ache, Pain in the Siue and Chest, Affecions, &c te This, we are aware, nniat appenr ïnfrcdible. '.■il we hnv letters lr.m Phsic:in nd ui g-ma kom all iar;s of the üniied Sia.Mrin ,"ning us of extraordinary cures. R. Van JusKiRK, F.sq - one of llie must reipectnblf l)rugilain .Newark, N. J , informe us that he -in reTer to more tlin IftO casas n that place a'one. There are thousandj of ca-es in the cttv )f New York. which we will refer lo wiih plens,,re, and to men of chararter. Il is the hest mr l;cine for the preventive of disease It ïndoubtedlv saved ihe lives of mop than ',.000 CIIÍLOREN TUF. PAST SEASON ! s it removed ihe cause of disease, and prppared iliem for ihe Sutnnier It ha never betn known to injure i) tlie least the moit delicate oh.ld. RHF.UMATISM. This Surjnparilla s uaeJ with the mo' perfeel SHCCessin Rheuuiaticcomplaints, however evoie ir chronic. The astonishing cures it hns performed are indeed vreniterful. üiher remedies vmctimes give temporary relief; this entirely ;.'radicates it from the gystem, even when th. limlia nnd bones are drendiully swollenO Hear Mr. Seih Terry, one of the oldesi ind most i-espectable Iswyers in Hartford, Conn. l'he f,1l..wing is an extract of a letter rtciived trom hini: Dr. TvWisinl-l hive used one boitle of your 3arsparilla, nnd find i; is excellent in its cffpcisipin a Chronic Rheuinatic pain to wl.ich I am iiiSjecl, from i" "HUT received seicral yeatB r,o, in a public siase. Piense send me two bot.lea to the o.ire ol )r Seymonr. 1 haveconversod with two of our prinoipul physicians -and re:dm:"end!"mrSar8aP"ril'-SKTHTLRRY. Ilariford. March 12. 1-45. CON8UMPTION CURKP. Cleanse anci Strengtbcn. Constitución can b cure!. Bronohitu.Coneumption. LiverCom pliirit', CoKU, Calinh. Couahs, Asthma, Sptüing ■; Bliio'l. SoremiM in ih Ch'pit, Ilectic Fusii, Vigln gweat, Difficult r ProTus. Kxpecoriti'in. Pain in ilie Side, &c , ha been and eau Ie rured Dr. Tiwnsonrl - Dear Sir : Nenrly IwfnH yeirsagu I took a vi.iltni cold, which te tlel m my Uingi-, anil nfiecrcci me urerely iudurl, ümI!)" ii lieciüie a eunsiam baekitiN ci'gh, hu n,l s,i severè as 10 prevent me from mtemling ■■ my liusiiii'sa. Within ilie last few yeure il increaseil on me. graJunüy. Av lasi I becnnie rvdaued- J breatheJ iin difflculiy. sn'l raise willi my couh niucli bad maner, and for tin laai n ne months previous to using yonr Snrsapa nli.i. hal reular ni glit sweais ; indefid, m neii'ls and nivsell rttppiwed thai I woiild die witl the Consumption; bul I have the liappini-ss t. inform you ihat. to mymirpriec. aficr uiing thrt !i itiles of your Sarsaparilla. I find n y haedp restored. It relieve:) nie güdually, and I ain no enioylnjj iniich heder healih than 1 have before i 2fi years. 1 had almott ennrely lost my nppetiie. which is also rétumed. You are at liberiy iv puhlis'.! th8 wuh my name, ifl the paper, if ycm choose. Al.y linie girl. wno is tluee year ohl, " very bid ciuSli the hole i f lolt winter. W hécamfl very much nlanned n her accmin' - While uain the medicine, I gave her i'ii'Cof H, it s nn entirflv relieved her, n we 1 as n.yH. andshe is well nnt. 'ind hearty ai ai-y chili [ nvi-r anw She was also ful! of litüe b.ilchi; il (ooit ihem ivv.iy nnd h. r skin is smooili nn "nir now. aml I ani Blbjied she reenverei) hei lie.ilih Iro.ii uin your exctllent medicine. 444 Bioadway. G1RI.S. REAÜ TUIS. Yon who hfli-e pnle complexión diill eycs iiloirhu-i un ilie lace, rough skin. aid a; "oui i.f siiiriis." useaboule or iwo ol Dr TowneeiKt'Siir-i)irillii. Il ill uleanse yon lluo.l, rennn, i!ie iieckl.-s nml lil.ilchKS, aivl givt yini nnimn lion. 8inrklms eyee. fine spiiii. oud beaunln complexión - I1 ol' hich are ol immense valu. 1U uiluiiii neil Indica. SCROFULA CURED. This Certifícale conclutively provea thn; tliif S irs ip irüla has perlect con rol over ihe must c.bstina'c disensea of the Woorl. Tliree persont j cured in om house is unpi;cedenieil. TURKE CIlILDItKN. Dr. Tomnstnl - Dear Sir: I have the p!e.jun j to inforni r" ll)n' ln'fe "' 'ny cn'llllen h-1vi heen cured ui t'oe Scrolnl.i by the 'ise of your exC'llenl mi'ilicin-. Th-y were sfflcied very s vercly wuh bid sorrs: have laken only tour no' lief; i took ihem nwiy, lor wluch 1 leel m, self uaJer very deep obl:gaiion Yciiirí. re8;icctfnlly, ISAAC W. CRA1.N. 106 VVooster st. New York, March I, IH47. OPINIONS OF PI1YSICIANS. Dr. Townseml is almogt dnily recoiving orders from Phyician in different patts of the Union. Tuis 8 to cortily that we the nnderatgned. Physiciana of ihe city of Albanf, iiave In numeroua cases preicribed Dr. Townsend's Sarsnp-irillii, and believe it to bc -ne ol ihe most valuablt prcpa.atiuns in the maiket. H. P. PAULING, h. P. J. WILSON, m. D. R Ii. BRIGGS, m. D. 1'. E. EL.MENDURF, m. d. Albany, April I, H4(. Piles Pile Dr. Townsend's Sarsapaiilla 18 no les succes3!'ul in ciirïnu this diütrtsains: cunipiwnl, than fur divises f the Blond. Dyspepsia. Rheumn tism, and Nerv.iu Ürbiltty. Read ihe l'oüowing: - Dr. Tnenscnd : Dcnr Pir - The eflects of yon SiraTp.inlU are liuly wonderful For the las ix or eigbt yeire piM I have been f u'gcct to se ycre nitncks of ihe pilec, iliirin? which 1 hnv iu(Tred nil thn tortures of that co nplüini. ani I1 deatmired of ever fir.din rliel exeept i' diviih I have iho pleasur lo infonn yoti ihü "there is vel n bilm in Gi'rid." I hnve usi"' twn biu'.cs of vuur Siri a illn, nnd l'et-1 no remiiii "I ir.y olil coiniilaiut. I tend you ihis I"1 publjcitinn. airl any perton you tnav reler i ure I wmiM le happy i inform of the benefu I havi recoived at your hands. You, trulv. JOH.V HALL. 49 Fulion si. Tho-ms Siajh. Printer. 162 Nnmnn t., 1 tory,"lB tanJins and otrav.iteil case of ilujjjWit' i For suieby MAYXARO5. f 3 General Aïints, Ann Arhor PAIN "S, Oüs, Varnih, SpiriU Turlntine, Brushei, Gii.86, Putty, Glnz.ere, La..i.;rvJ-, ifco. A large etock for sxlr lowt MAYNA RDS. KEXl'DOOK TO .UICIHUAN STATU BAiK. DETROIT. [1847-48] DETROIT. THE CHEAPCASH STORE, No. 132 Jrflcrson Accnuc, Delroit-Old stand nf r ■ ■ ■ , ■ ffl. i .1 zn -ml ÍUJ_U U.LJ 7 O H UIHQ.LISALE 1 liitfWiiiifaiWil 3'EECH E g , .!?.?.pT11III ? IJS; ' ■ II "c arT"ëts11 f eathers ijiLüiliiilliiiiüiiiLlJ; r üj __ _. - 2 Michigan' f ANC Y and STA PLEJ -: b ATE BANK I ll!l1!lt-==ifffl R I'IISwmÍÍÍ ! I LUTHER BËECHER] f BEECHER & ABBOTT, our attention is invlted to the best stock of DRY 6OÖDS Ever brouglit to this C:ty. Also, io the Inrgest and clicapest stock of SUPER NEW STYLES Brussels ■ Carpets Warrented to have been ïmporled witliin ilie last "20 days. Also, a splendid assort ment of ENGLISÜ 1NGRAIN AND LOWELL 2 PLY CARPETS, ALL WOOL, At frorn 50 cents t SI por yard. anJ cverv other vnriety of C;upe:s at froin l.-.3d to 4s. per yard. Also, OU Cloths, Brussols Rugs, Wlnrlow S'iad'-s, Wall Paper Btovglng, Feathers, MaMngs, öcc. &c. GOOD GÖODS, LOW PKICE., AND MUST UE SOLD, WHOLESALE OR BETA1L. 347 &17THER SEECHEIt, Detro.t. ÑEW SaEAHEIt STOEE. LA DÜE & ELDRED, (Succcssors to Uldrcd Sc Co.) NO. 8 4 V O O D V A R D A V K N ü E, Dircctly Opposite the EpïscopiLÜ Church, ARK Inppy to inform t'ip Inis customera of F. dreil & Co. nnrl ', c prh!,c g ncrall, ihat ihcy line Duwon hand, and u.e cjusianily mai ul'ac'.unng, :i snp.'riur amele ut Leather, AnJ src s rivi"s a Findings. AMONO Tilliin. ASSORTMENT MAT BE FOUND Spanisli and Slnugli'rr Sn]e LEATHER, Depr, Gont nnd Lamb Binding, Hemlock nnd Oak Upper rio. Mor. c-o of all kinds, Hnrnessand Bridle do. Sliof Tlvead, Tncks, Spambles, Skining and Russpt Bridle do. Shoe Knivi s, Pincei-e, Hammers, Belt, B.'.nd atd Welt do. Buot Cord ud WéObing, Horse ai d Sring 'Id. Awlsnnd Bri-iile, M'ricin m.rl Slangliter KIP SKINS, Lasie, BoM Ties nnd Crimps, Oak and Hotnlock CALF do. Lasting nnd Se;il Pkins, French Calf Skin,, Shuro and Sirait3 Oil, &c. &c. White, Russet and Colnred I.inings, Al] of wliich they ofier on very rea-:onable lerms. MERCHANTS&MANUFACTÜRERS Wíl! fi i 1 it to tíio r ndvantoo to ciU nnd osunine oiir stock before purchnbing elsewhcre. CASH FAXD POR HXDES AMD SKINS. DKTROIT. 1847. 3W-ly NAILS.- 300 kes Eastern Nails for 1 CLARi,AUorney and Counsellor, fursüleby V, and Jut:- of the Peac. OH, ip. Couri 3-24 ' B. B. & W. R. NOYES Jr. House Ann rl l 8T)tf Detroit, Jan., IP1B PURRY'S BOOK STOK1S, EPISTÏIN No. 4. REAB AXD C1RCCLATE. THE subscribir has retuuie I Inim New York wilh the Imgcsi lock of fiuhuol Booka, flank ü.inke, and S'anonerv,evei beloie hroilghl ii thia villflije, wliich. ban Adderi to bis li.rrnei irije stock, wili nvike the most compete "8 oitinent in ihii Siaie, uil óf wliioli he ll sell i very luw priccs :or Cash. Ilis stock consiste i p-in of SCHOON ROOKS, PAPER. PENS, luk, Quills, Slat:s. Sand, Mank üèolat Sand Pape.r, and 2500 PIECES PAPER HANGING3, link-ring. Fire lioarrls. mul U'ind"w Ciinains. il nnnsualiv clir-ip n ml nice. Also Itouks siutlIe lor, nrv! sufTlcient to lurnish 100 TOWNSHIP LIBRA RIES. School Inspectora nnrl otherg intere8el, ari' esperrtlu ly reqnts'eci lo examine liis s'ock and irioes befo e purchnaing, na he 8 detefm ned to ell eo as to ïnnlii it nn nl'ject uot to m further 7OTJTSS' SOOZS, Vloral, Roliiious. ins'ruclive and aiimsinzsiich is may si'e'v be put nto the hards of cluldren. 1OO Gold Pens, Gold IVncils, Silver Pettcits, Evgf Poinls, Cl-inders. Mydrn9tauc aml Pump Inkstandi, nnd nnn otlier desirable and fancy anieles oí Sta ionory. Also. Rnzors, Straiis. Hones. Cl'.the Briishn, Uihoi ürushe, HairOil. Ox Marrow. Peruniea, Foncy Seal and YVafers, and lols ot lixn's for comfort and eronotnv, nt PLRIIY'S BOOK STORi:, nr. Arbor. Upper Vülngí-, Hnwkin's Block, iNo. 2. we' side ot the Conrt House Sqnnr. It is ledrnble ihat il xhould be undersiood tha! persons n the Country, ending cash orders, may de irnd upon receivin books or stationery on ae avorable tenns aa thuugli present to make the )urchase. W. 11. PERRY. Ann Arbor, Dcc. 1817. 84U tf. CASH Will bepaid for COUNTY ORDERS DR WVN on any of the coumies of itiis State, or money will be loaned on tliem by me u my Rankina OIKce. lirst door towards the Ritfer aiiloppositethecn'nni house, Detroit, Micb. SIGHT DRAFTS on New York ir Kuffilo alwayü on hand. 314-3m G. F. I,EWIS._ l.and for sale. THK subscribor offers for sale Eighty Aerea of Lind. I eing the easi hall ot nnh 3ist qunttcr ofsection 13, of town 4 north, range II west. símate in the township of WayIsmi, Allegan County. The land ia level, well liinbered, and well accnmniod"ted by roads. nnd ivill be suld low lor cash or oxchaneed for stock. JAMKS II MOSFIER. Ann Arbor. Nov. 4. I-47. 311-3m. TO ATTORNEYS AND OTHERS WISHING DEEDS ACKNOWLEDGEI) or Deposicons laken M De used in either of the Staies of New York. Oiio, Pennsylvanin, Indiana. Missouri, Kenlucky, Souih Carolina. Maine, or Verm int. The undcrsigncrl hna bern riiily nppoin'ed a Conimissioncr for each of said S'aies : Also Noary Public for Wayrie County. OFF'ICE tirsi door tuwnrds the rivpr from the poêt Olfii-e. nd oppo$its the custoin house, Detroit, Míen. GLEASON F. LKWtS. G. F. Ij. wiil atlend promptly t" the takins Drp )itions &r. Si.c for perns reeidinj nt n listanee by Idrceeing him by mail. 244-3iii Hat, Cap, - A N I - 3ENTLEMEN' S FUSNISHINQ EMPORIUM. T. II. ARMSTRONG, HWI.NG iñkíii the Staud No 5._ Wooí'arrf Avenue. 3 d. ors nnrth of Doty" Aiicihw receinly occnpied by J. G. OnriK, h a lal Siore ; nn] aiiiei) ihe eloek il the l.iitfT una own. umi nUo engngeil iu inimulacturine :vcry di striplii'n of HATSCAPS, He i niw prepared to oflVr to tlie Pulit ver article in hl line. eiiher b( his on 01 ■:isiern iiiiinulacture. iwenty tive por cení ]'s linii nove been ffíred i ikh inarkei. ín hit noek will lie fimnd Fine Nutra. Salín Bwn, rienver, Otter, Bi.ish n' Sporting Unte, F.m DIotH. Siik. l'liisl., Oil Silk and Velvet Timp ■!o. Rioh Silk Crava.5. Scarl. HandUercheif : Kid.Tliread.Silk.nm Itiickskin filoes ; Col ara Busjms, VValking Canes, Uiubreün. 4c. :$io-n WILLIAM A. RAYMOND, OF TIIE OLO MANHATTAN STORE. CORNER OF JEFF'n AVE. AND T1ATKS ST. DETROIT, HS j'ist received a large and complete assurtineni al' DRY GOODS Broadcloths, Sheetings, Cassimeres, Dnlhngs, Sntinets, Tickings, Full Cloihs, Bnggings, Tweed's Cloihs, Flaunels, Kentucky Jeans, Linsey, And other articlee in the line of Heavy Goode, too mitnerouslo mention. Plain &. Fnncy d'Jnnes. Print. Cnshmftre.", Gingham. Puin & Fani'jr Alpaca. Lvoneae Cloths, Oregon Plaids, Orleans Cloihs, lorteed h ossortmpnt nf Dres GooHs comprises all the variety which buiinra demanda. SHAWLS. 01 every varie'y. Irom plend d Brochns anil Ciishmeres 10 heavy, comfurt iblo bhnket Shiwls. LIVE GEESE FEATHERS, By the pi)und or hundred wcight. Paper ll;iiiriiitfsOf all qualities nd prices. PAPER WINDOW CURTAINS, Of the newcst patterns, at wholesile or rttall. With n tock as well cnlculated for the country is the city irnda. it is cnnfi lntly expected ttiai h rcpuraion of he "UW Minhaimn" for good Gunda at cheap rutes will he fully eus-ained. As tn that ruDR and sixpbnny tka, thMt wc have sold s tnnny years, it is har ly necessarv to say a word ; but if lli: should meet the eye of iny ene who Ins not tried it, ho ahouM by all mana make the experiment, and see huw creai givin mny be mada by patror.izing the Manhattan Store. Detroit, Sept. 22. 147. 317-Cm Iteel íoTdTT $ncseSfU9 and Cffmutlnfl SPLENDID FANS, and any quantiiy of othir g' od i of this sort at th OLD MANHATTAN STORE, 317 Detroit Clicap Jewelry Sore 157 Jeferson Avenue, DETROIT. Wholesale and Xletail. THE subscribor has just refurned from New Yurk wnli huge opsorimem "l (rolland Silver VVmcliis. jpwelry, toul. rna!i rinls. toys, mabicol loitninienii nd tïincy gnodi. A'hiih !it'. v.ill geil at Whnïeflftlfl or 1 nil as ow nt1 1 1 y estii! lishmem west of New Yo'-k. Country VVnrch Makcre and otliera wnntin; ny "I Am abuve Grt'iHs wül finH il tu ihcir interest to cal!., is ihpy wil! find ilio bctt Hsaunnie'n in tlie ri'y. iin'l nt ihc lowcpt pi h-r. GOM) Pf.NS. wiih silver iiolder ond pencü $2 im. Price Re locad. G.ild Pen. Watehiis and Jewelry RFPAIUED II R. MAUSI1. 1 T7. JefTürson Avennp. Deiroii, ) Öian uf Mik G.)M Pen. 324 FURnTTüRE & UPHÖLSTËRrNG WAREJROOMS. STEVEIT.i & ZTG, ÍJÍ the lower end of the White Iilock. llrecily oppwsite the Michigan Licha nos, have on hand n large nssoi inictit ol I LIINI TUR E, of ilieir own manu acturc, which thcy will eell vcry o1 for Cash They alsokcep f xp;rienc!d Upholaterefl, and nre prepared to do all kinds of Upholstering at the shorlest noiifp. Furnitiire o! uil kinds mmle to ordsr of ihe heet material, and warrnnipd. STEVENS & ZUG. Detroit, January, 1, IH47. 1 y FOR SALE CI1F.AP for CASH, or every kind ofcoun try Producp, Saddles, Bridlcs,IIarncss, Trunks, Valises, Trunk Valites, Carpet Bags, #c. AU.) a oou as8oriiiieiit ol Vviiips & Lishkb. which will be gold vpry !ow, nnd no rnUtnke. at COOK & UOUINSON'S. Ann Arbor. Antriixi 12. 1P4I). ü77-t( E. G. BURGER,, FIRST ROOM OVER C. M. & T. W. ROOt's STORE, JRANE fc JEWETt's BLOCK, 61-lf ANN ARBOU. GEES5 FEATHEItS: PAPER HANGINGS! TTilRST RATE YOUNG IIYSON TKA AT I1 ONLY FOUR AND SIXPEN'CE PER POUND! Bv tlio wny no one buya tlus tea once hut bur again. and becomes a cus'omer. None better foi the price can be had in Datrou. WJLLOW WAGGONS, Traveling Baskets, and as well ae aip o( oiher gonds besides Dry Guodi may be had vcry cheap at the ' Uld MvNHATTAt' BT0$' DelrÜ1U W. A.RAYMOND. . . a - r t s s - HH -5:5 ■ -3 5gL2 5Í If j, I - -i? I Rilólo ?;. È - 51 1 lil i Blaynards ARE IN TOWNAGAIx! HWING remove I t" ihcir new store, wherihty are roceivin;; anBxentiiveaifsortmen il Drugs, Medicines, Painls, Oils and Groceries, With a imnll. weH-ie'eried sssortment of DRY GOOD3, 11 o( wliicli thev offer lo ilioir olil friends nnr' new ciiPioiiicrti at iinusun] tw prï(e. Any ihiny; 8"l'i ai their sire is warranted to he f iirsi qiinlny. Thy ini'-nii hen-af'er to Ueeá ulmisi fvery artiole wa'tird for futnily use. Ann Arhor. June 30. 1847. 32.ï-tf CLO1II, CLOTHl ! rTlHI-' undcrtigned would inform the pudín JL that thev wil continue to manufactiiu F'iilled Cloih, Cntjoiiniere aii.l PlaMml, al tlieiFactory, two nnd n hnlf mif'i cel Irom Am rbor, on Hunin Iliver KMI th Railroad. TERIYIS : The price of mnkins cioih wiH he for Ossimero, 44 cis. per yarH ; "or Fulled cloih. 37J c:s yiird : fnr whne Flnnnel. (I cis. per yard. - We will aleo pvchnnse cluih for wnol cm reasnn iblH term. sent bv rnilronti a-ctnpaniei with ntruciinno ■ II be, p.oinpily attenileil u. Ve have il re an "x'eneive btipines in manuficturirm cloth lor c 13'oniers ycnr?, tnil Uflicve we fic ïis 2ood patiphiction as nn Kstublhlllent in the Sime. We iheref.ire invitt our oUI customers 10 coutinue, ond new ones u come. Letters should be nddrcssed to S. W. Fostef Sí Co., Scio. S. W. FOSTF.R & CO. Srin. April. 1P47. SIH-if. FIRE! FIREÜ ryllE subscriber continjes to net ns .1 Agent lr ilic Hurnoril Kire Insuiiino C"p:iny.of llanforri. Connectinul. Tlnsdim iam' hüs been in business for ihe Ust THIKTI SIX YEARS. nnd prumpily pnid nll loases du ring iliat timp. MnnaBMkg to mnny Millions o Dollars. Applications by mail, (post paid) ir i. ihe íiibscrii)er at :he Pisi Ofiicf. prompily ntiendortto. F J. B CRANK, Aeent. Ann Arhor, luly 30. I S 17. 33l-!y N0T1CE. rpilE COPARTNKRSHir Iieretofore cxintX ine hetween J. H. LunH and D. T. Mr CoMuni nnder the firn of .1. H. Lnnd & Co., i this day dissolved hy mmunl consent. All demanda due siid firm eilher by note o honk accntint must be setiled immediately. wilh D. T. McCollum wh is authnrized to getile thi same - and nomislake. J. H. IIIND. UT. McCOLLUM. Ann Arbor, Oc'. 25, 1H47. The businpss herenfter will bs carried nn hv J. H. Lund who is now receiving a lare nnd iplendid assurtment of fall and winter goods con .-.Ihl 'II:' llf Dry Goods, Groeerles, Hardware, Crockcry, Boots and Shoes, Drugs &c. which ha offers to th public eheap lor ready pay. hleasecall and examiue goo'li and nric8. Ann Arbor, Oct. 29, '47. 340-;f THRESHJNG MACHINES, CIOVER MACHINES AND SEPARATOES. T']E suhtprilierwmild tnfurm the public ihnt li - i-oni iiiucs ti hinniil.-iciure liir above rno;iineB r.t the old ita ,d ül Knapp & llnvilinid. BI iliftLourr Viüiigeo Aiin Arbor, np;r riie Papei Mili. 'I lie Machine 'ir of upproved mudd-. invclipcn thorunizhly t s:cil in lliis viciniiy and ivorkê3 wél!. TWy atv ninde dl ihe bt-st inaicrmlp and l' c.vppriencpil workmcn. nipy will !e lep' coneinrnly 011 luitui. aliH nix bc inaiit; ii' rdrr nt ihe sliiTicai no ice Thry wrll he s!cl nn vrry rensonuMe ternas or Canil, or for nolet known la he ui sdIiucIv Bgn4 Tif. nhnvf Mvchinefl fon I e nsnH !y (uur. six or pilil hors#-p. mul aip nut lnilile la he ensily liroken or flainnp'l. Tlipy srn well mhpipd lm llie U8e of eiilior fnrmett rir JollheV. Tho Se.T arntors con he iitmclied n nny geirnd or mrippcd nifirhinp of nny othrr kind. The pn'iscriher would reter to the foMowiiig criona wh'o liove purchos'd nl nsel his Rlacliiues : R'iehael Thompson, Salem, Alexnmlpr Omine, " Jume Pa'kcr, " Alva Prait. Pittffi:ld, M. A. Crnvath. " Chirlp Alexander, " V 111. Po il. M'lord. Ilinklev & Vinton, Tli'ifurd. Martin Doty. Vpsüanii, M. P. .t .' D. Iladluy, Saline. Wm Sniilh. Cantn. Isaac Hnrli-in. Nonlifield. Partieu'sr ntie i'ioh will be paid to Kltairs. Cash will he t"id "■ r Old CaatingSt Persogo Hesiroua "f purrh ins; midiinPS are req"P8tcd tn eull and examine these hefo'c purehasing elsewhere. T. A. IIW1T,ND. May 17. 1647. 3l7tf f ii .Irbor THE !iubsenb;r having purchaseri the Ínter esia ol J. M. llocfewell ín the MarM(iusine. would inform he nhnhi'ants of tliiind adjuimnü couniiep. tluil he will continde th busme s i ihe oíd mud. n the Upper Tovn. 'ie;ir ilie Picsliyieriun Chiirch. and manufaciun ■n rtrdor : Monuments, Grtve Stones Paint Slone, Tabels, $- %c. Thfisc wishin" to ubtain any srticle in hú line if biiuess will iinil hv callinü ihnl he hr.i nu asi'rtii.pnt of White ad Vsrirgaled Mirl.Ip liom 'lie KnBtrrn Marhle Quirrirp. w hu-h wili be vroueht in Modern siylc. -ind buI I ;it c-isien prism'S, .d ling transpor(nion nnly. Cnll and gei thproof. vv. F. SPAUI-DINT. Ann Arlwir. Jan. 3n. 1S47. rV 1y CXSHMARF. TT A N I TWlirDS. A hetutirul sl'fi tai íjent'enteii's fchwime vtjitr, just cceived a iíI w.ll ite r,nnu!nctnred ii he l.nesi s'ylti mi I hes' p.tssiMe rnanner, at ih' '■ Wusiern Clhine Emturjan HA1.L0CK & RAYN'OND. 3IM ÜKTPOIT. ev Establishment. clocks, WATCHH?, AND Tri f subscribe r woutd n ppect'ully nnnnurtCf 'o the cilizene ol Deitcr nel viciniiy ihu ie Ins opened a shop in ilie buve place ui lln ■orrn.T sion', Íüi'mhmIv kmnvn ;iy heperd'ö" vhejc he ia ptvpared In do ai.i. kinos of repair -dg in ihe line ui clocks. wntchts. jeweliy &e . n ihe shanes ri"lice. lïaving hadntïOttllwlvi .ears ep' irnt'e in sne o! ihe lest Knïieri bonik hu Untéis hnnsi'll ihm he ':m give sitr -vi.'i f 'iclion io all iliose win m;iy favor htpi wiil hen wiirk He his :uul iacouPlaMtiy receivniii. .'locks, w;itihes. iipfl jf wefry in all, (iescnpti :ii.-j. vvLich lie will aell as the;ip Au ihe rhp ipfsr. V. W. DKXTER. A L S O GROCER1ES f all mh as. Teis. 9uer. Molsffes R.niina. ColP-e. Peppen. Spitte. Fish. Caniiira. l'cibiicM. Oiüirs &c. Ac. AnH in lan kvertriiiNr. mnilly kept in sn"h an fwtbühm'nl(I i-j 'jcik excepted) diHmiantty on hinil and lor salí clieap. W. V. DEA'TLR & Co. Dkxtf.r. March fi. I" 7 313 if HOMffiÏÏPTTHY. BLACKWOOD & ELDRIPGE, HONlffOPATHIC PHYSICIAV?, Ojfice on Main si. opposile Crane's Ulock. 'T1MI3 F1RM, in prest n ing tliuir cmd io ih X puhl.c. silioii no mure lavr, ihn an en .imeiu'd cuiiiniuniry nn.v adju '!_■ iheir muriis il pliysH:nni8 in he iltbeivin il. the intrudiicüuit of Hon cropailiv in ihiHg. it h lie.ii c.wiHüiii-l.v ïsthirinf Uineh in the di re ot iise:ie. and wiMüina ihe conNlenct .f n I i whii :iuve (een .uul lt II uk mpeih.r etiicnci ver nli other sjsüüiis ni medicine in healin ihi 4ick hlld resnt iitfl he; 1 '' a.nme rp:ud i shün io it wheievui Ittlifh' U 'iread. jiut wi wisl io lel the c miui .unny Jt go ' coniparu ivn mulita iif IJOniCB inutSy k..u .Alipaihy- NV Scho il mul Oicl Sib'iul Medicine Let Alipa:lij come iih her Icri-b. lance , blincr, cat'i il I il i j iiie.and all iu r iniirunuMHa ot liirture: Tb( n:uk Ilie IiiIIroI ' in.iriiiliv "ver lier signaime. - L'iok ut Üie lisi ol ditta es. faiJ by d-wtuj o Ik; incunible Wlint a k-irln! ptr cunitim o ihe grent vniiety ol' infl unmntiuns haa alwnv proved laial! VVhut s'ifi-iy t'nr ilie pnor suff'iei iu t he iniilst uf ihe iiviliirnan' epidemie ibin s niietinif8 ecoui ae -nr mi-r! (luw iunie tiie elforisofthe Olil .Jcliuul in the Choler, lor iq taires; or yellnw lever, scarlt-t tir tphus fever congestiona oí ihe he id. luntrs or abdominal vis liliick miuMie r ersipelns. .Ve But 1,0 dilVerent iheicsuli undei luiiroeopii'hic trauiíneiit Uer tiiblcs si ovv ihn n'l ihestí diáeues ore al once t'isíirnied uf tlnlir leirors. The ;ie;ii íauiílv ot Chronic Disencf. too, trt lor ihe most pnrt radicnlly ennd hy lloin(B'pa ihy. a ihnueandd o1 living wiiiie.-s(S cm beat 'esliniony. Miny ot' hom. likfi tl.e womnn n ihe Scip'nres. liad Bptni nll 'heir substa ice u on phya.-cinna lor many yi a s wiihmit reliel Uní I tbey hnd applied p Hoinmopaihy. And jet ihere are pliyBicinnst who affect io sneer t eTuij thing like iniprovement in inedirine, nnd phm iheir eye ngninst the liüb' iba! wcu'd srnide ihom in the art oí hcairtg; hnldipg fntt io their idoi. ihey coniinual'y cry out, t; cioat i" Diana nf ibt Epíieoiins." Bul "by iheir fiuiíty ihall know thetn." Tuesdav of ench week ns far as possihle, shol' b potapan for the rtception of pniiems. o ihat pereons comina írom a dÍ6:ance may noi find tha office on ihat diiy vncmt. 1 Ann Arbor, l'J'.h Dcc, 1647. 348 T II Jt ES 11 IMG Machines, 'l'iii. uiideivim ü wuulu lumitii rita i u ii i c J. Ibal he iniinti i. cunes; ]wir i lui:? liin Machines al Scio, ui u tuptrior kind in ven led by tunnefl'. The j Power and Machines are particulnrif ■ dapted t the iiU l Farmttê wfao winli to ute hem lor threshing ilieir u n f n in. 'J I c pow■r. iliKshr and rixiiins can nll I ■ lonrrfJ mm a ■■.min. n 8i7.el ttOfton liuji and diavwi wjili one iiair nl hotte, 'llnynie drsigned 10 he uerd ■rith iiHii imr.-fs. and are abuinfunlly ior hm nutnber. ntld inay Ife siiitly us-cd willi six or ■ighl ti'iriiPf viih proper car'. 1b-'lork wiih iMktttengtll DI liiirses ixxordirig lu tlic bmui m o{ 'msiness (ione ilian any (thir power, nnd wil! hresh gonprnlly nhotii Vf)O huihela vliat per lay willi fuur liorfes. ]n or.c inrtanre 158 bualielü wlient wcre ilireslied in llirce hüurs vviih Ui ui" hor&es. Tliis I'uwer and Machine contain nll ilirodvaniaaes necessaiy !" niake tlicrn profitable to ih purchispr. Tliey are siron and duiablr - Thiy nre rasily miived l'roni one plnce 10 anuth;r. of' ilie tupps ie easy on thrce .imvi'ia in con paribon to o'licre. and tl.-e pnce ia IjOWKIi than nnv i.tlu-r power and mncbinf, 'inve ever beon pold in ihe Siaie. neenrding to the -enl value. The terme -f paymrnt will be libe, ril fr notes ihat ure knowu tu be al.solutelf od. I have n nuniber of Powers nml Machlnei ■ïow rendy for silt and persons wiahing to bujr ire invited to cali fom. SKPAR A TORS. I nm prepnred to niake Separn'or8 for tho vho ntny want ihern. Tiie utility and advanmeca -f ilns Power and tnchine ill nppcar evidint lu all on examining 'he revninniendniions hel'iw. All porsona are cituiioned njainst making hpsp Powers nnd Marhines: the undc'Hgntd nvinir Tiloptfil the necessary ineaenroe lor fecp 'inft Ipitpis potent for the sanie wltliin the time equired by law. K W. FOffTF.R. Scio, VVasbtrnaw Co , Rlich. June IS, 1346 nEC0M.MKNDATI0.N8. D.iriii!; ihe yeíir H45, each ol ihc undorsigred mnebaaad and used eithfr individually or juintlr riih uthrs. oi:e nf S. W. Fostef'n ncwly inented Horic P.iwers nnd thre-hing ïiAChinrs, nel believe they are Iwtter .dapted to the ue of "'nrrners wlm want Powers nnd Marhinea for heirown i'se tlinn any otlier power and threfhir within our knowledgo. They are oalcalnted ■ o he used with loiir horees and are of ampie 'trengih (or that nuniber. They ppear (o be :on8trncie(I in nch a imim c: ê to render them ■■(ïrydurible wiih litie liabiliiy of gptting out of ir.ler. They are eisily moved from one place o snoeier. They can l.e w.irked wiih nny numer ofhünds fnini fonr ti liaht. ,n,-.d will threaW iboPM 200 hmhelhM per d.n-. J. A. l'OI.'IKMUS, Scio.Wnshtsnaweo o. nroon. T. RICriAHDSO.V, " SAMUEL I1KALV, " " 5. P. FOSTF.R, " " N. A. PfIRLPS, ' ADWI SMITII, '■ J M ROWKX. l.imn. WM. WALKKR. Webster, " THOS WARRKN, " ' 1). S.MALLKY. I.orli " I threshed Insl fal! ?ru) winter w.'ih on? ftjf j? W. F.wier's h.irse pnwprn. more ih.-in' fifWit housnnd liunliels grain Tli repairs hrstowíd pnn tlie piwer nmonnipH to only ft} conts. nd w;is n o(),.d otder whén I had done threshing-, I invariubly usetl six horpc,. A. A RON YOUNGLOVE. Mirinn, June f!, Igli). I puríhnscl one ni S. W. F.;ster' horf owerp Use fui I and hnve uíed i( fur j-blng. I ive used mnnj' dill'ripni kinl l ponerg arf eücve lilis is ihe bet running power I lia rfn. U. s. ÜENKET. Hamburg. Jun, 18 10. We purcliMid one of S. W. Fotcr' Hor.-e "" '■! All, nnd liave nsed i! ami thiiik t i first rate Power. .itssf: hall, dvn'iri, s. hall, rlubk.n' s. hall. rinniaiirp. June. 1P46. 2í9 if DISSOLUTIOX, N'OTICF. ia hera'y eivan tint iha f rm hei-einf-re exisun.' uncler ilie nsme of Gibn & McAliiis!r i ihi rlny il ssolvfd hy muniiii ■onsen1. All persuMg indeb'ed rn ih ■ sniH fin, vill piense c '11 an 1 stille wi'h G. L McAllaurr, ilm 19 uthorilad w iransoct ibe Uusines of th uu Hnu. itEtrors b gidso.v. GPO. h. VLL VSTKR. Jantinry 4ili, IH8. P. S. - G. L. McAüosIrr will r-intinue in h milling business as usual al ifas "Delhi Kcturned TAILORIN6. T[IR Svbscrilitr ld of inTurn'ing I iold cuslumeis und ihe piiljlic enerully, Iha ie h;)5 Iol'iuJ him elf o Camera Corner. Vorlli aideol rhe nKt' , where al kindíot T A I L 0 R I N G in the present f a s h i o n enn be done ia i :e:ptclable and prumpt minier. P. S. CUTTIIVO on ilie shoftest no'ice and warramed in fit if pti'pwlv made '. W. ILKINi-ON. Ann Arhor, May 20, 1847. 317 Gold Pens P R I C E REÜÜCED. Ir is nilnnteil v all lio use tlu m. thtt Piquolie'o GnM Pens aie tquat il" noi superior tan) ever -il ert-d in ibis luaiktt. prite $2,50.. .'"ir pïi'tf Nvhul te;il. hjjH retnil ut tl r fpnnu c'ov. Cnrjier oí JelFerson Avenuf; & Griswold St., Denoit. 314 lyr Als.) rarairieta C. BLISP, Ann Arhor. HEADYMADKCLOTHING AT aïlijoïcoalc ov fóctaC!, 'pHE subscribers liavo now on hand JL (hu tutti ;iHbn tmrnt ui Kcndy iTladc Clolhingr, ver ofterei! in ihis They have rjceivei intl iniuHitaciured ;i 1 itüi' aihlition ro their Stock -vithin itio L8i 8x wn-l-ji. aiul ñre íully prepared ■vi'h seiiüoii'ille aml lüílíionnble coHs for the :ill trnde. Thfiir iy-t uuiif'nt cmnpr tees every d- m'ion offfíinnpnt Irin fir h OVER COA TS. CLOAKS, DRESS SUITS,4-c.&c. n the more sub3tnmi.1l ml ecunumical gsrmcnt lur the furiner tnJ l.iborinu; man. -ALSOV large nosnrtCTent of Furnishing Gcods, SUCM AS Fine & Coarse Siirts. TJhiler-Garmtnts, lusicry. CoUiirs Bo.oms, Stocks, Suspendcrs, &c. S:c. Htving creatly incrtüsel ïheir faciüties for maflOfiiCHinpg, they are beller preparcd thsa heretofor1 t' r thn WHOLESALE TRADE. ['urc!nsfits at wh lesile aie invited 10 exarmoft iheir Stofk. Thcir gaimnts ure 1 f good mate- rjals, well mütle, f ilnblt eizca anH stylee, and will be ofl'tred at lw rates Thanklul lor paft iiivors, tbey snlii-it a continuance ot public pat- rnnngo. HALLOCK & RAYMOND, 313-tf Cor. Jeff'n & Wooáward ATfftae.