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Lily The Engineer  

Lily always wanted to be an engineer when she was a kid. She had tried before to invent things like an automatic sweeper, a robotic cat, and even a jet pack (that didn’t go so well.) But what she really wanted to make was a flying car. After graduating from Yale with a degree in engineering, she can now officially begin the serious work of inventing a flying car.


Because it was what she always dreamed of, she decided that the first thing that she was going to make was a flying car. Lily knew it would be hard because the only car she has is a 1995 Dodge Monaco that didn’t start up. And she can't afford a new one so she has to work with what she’s got.


She was about to start up the old Dodge so she could make the flying car, but she didn’t have the right parts to fix it. So she had to go get some parts from the auto shop.


After getting the parts she was able to try to start the car. Lily was breathing heavy, putting in the parts, and plugging in the spark plugs, she was hooking up the fans and adding the hyper-drive fuel. Putting in the hover wheel and screwing on the engine boosters, She heard the engine sputter,then a loud roar, “It works!” Lily cried, “And the car is as alive as ever!” So now Lily can fly in to the sky with her better than ever flying car.

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