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Two years have traveled by quick, and I still remember your smile

with your dimples that were mesmerizing.

We all wore the same shirt,

royal blue with the company name on it

the letters being completely white.

We played pool together in the game center and laughed

at each other if one of us lost.

But I would never take any offense to it, and you wouldn’t either.

Whenever I would sit down on the bleachers looking downward,

I would side eye you and notice

that you were looking into my direction.

Inside I smiled, but in the outside I put on a straight face.

Two years worth of summer passed by

I go on my phone and see that you got shot,

shot and killed by accident.

My body went cold, and my heart felt like it dropped,

I wanted to cry out a rainstorm.

But I held them in and my throat hurt because of it.

Fifteen years of life and you would never know

what you could’ve accomplished now

or how much of a better person you could’ve been.

Pulling out my royal blue shirt from the drawer stacked on folded clothes, I take a good look at it every time and wonder

why this disaster happened to you.

Why couldn’t the person just be more cautious on who they wanted to get

Why couldn’t they just not do it at all?

If I could somehow go back in time I would bring you somewhere compact so that you wouldn’t leave the earth.

From all your loved ones, including me.


I don’t know, but what I do know is that it’s inconsolable.

Everytime I wear that blue shirt,

our reminiscences will always revert back into my head.


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