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6:00 a.m. Wake up

Get dressed


Walk through the school doors


Hello everybody!

Isn’t it a beautiful day?!

I love my life


What the fuck?

Why is she so peppy

At seven in the morning…

I hate everything.




First block of the day…


Walk through the door

“We’re enzymes, enzymes!

Gotta catalyse reactions…”

Hey Mrs. Bahler,

How are you today?



Why the hell is she singing

To this song?

It’s only 7:30 in the morning.

“Hey. How are you…?

Wait. I don’t care.”


Creative Writing


Jewel on my forehead,

Having fun.

More writing,

Favorite class ever!

“How are you Mrs. Nordlund?

That’s great.


I just got a stuffed animal

From Katie,

My greatest friend ever!


Hey, I like writing.

More time to express

My hatred for everything.


Wait. I can’t.

To my mom she goes!



End of the day


Now drama club!

It goes by too fast

An hour isn’t enough time

To act during the day…

But there’s always tomorrow!


Walk through the front door

Of my house

Food… nothing.

Writing time,


No one knows.


Parents come home



Dad isn’t happy

When he get home.

Long day at work

We all have bad days.

Hot chocolate helps me…

Maybe it will help him!


Step-mom walks through the door.

“Hey. How was your day today, Sara?”


Dad gets home,

“Sup kiddo! Worked sucked.”

He laughs.

“How was school?”



Dinner Time


Alone at the dinner table

Tv playing a horror movie

In the background.

I don’t like horror movies.

Oh well,

Youtube it is.

My favorite channel is Pocari Roo!
She’s a blue kangaroo!


Sitting with my family.




Eating dinner together.

I hate it...

“How was everyone’s day?”

You already asked that!

Shut up.


Bed time


No friends,

I feel alone.

Teachers are the only ones who care.

My sister doesn't like me.

I made my parents mad today.

My grades could be better

I do not wanna be there for tommorow. 


I mean,

Someone complimented my outfit.

My family had a good laugh at dinner.

I beat my sisters at Uno.

I got high honors.

All the craziness of today

Washed away in the shower.

It’s a new day tomorrow.


Who’s the optimist?

Who’s the pessimist?

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