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                                  The Mirror of Vanity

Once upon a time, in a gloomy, little village, there lived a beautiful woman named Elin Blackburn. She lived in a dirty cottage on the outskirts of the town. She had honey colored skin and black curly hair that fell down to her waist. Her eyes were a prominent shade of emerald green. Although she was exceptionally beautiful, she wanted to be wealthy more than anything in the entire world.

The village was inside a large province which was ruled by the king and queen. The queen loved to wear extravagant clothing and jewelry. She never made an appearance without a full face of makeup and a ball gown. Her clothing was matched by her lavish lifestyle. Each day the queen and her husband would have waking, dressing, and dining ceremonies to celebrate their own presence. The citizens would flock to the outside of the castle just to watch them.  

Elin became so envious of them that she laid awake at night thinking of ways she could become the new queen. After a week of thinking she finally came up with a plan. She spent the entirety of the next two days sewing a gown. The dress cinched in at the waist, then flowed onto the ground. It was a bright, shimmery shade of pink. She knew the queen would not be able to resist wearing it. When she was done, she cursed the dress so whoever wore it would suffocate.

¨Cauldron Blue,

cauldron Green.

What I brew,

will kill the queen.


Make me a gown

that will leave her dead.

Soon I will wear the crown

upon my head.¨

Elin snuck through the village to the castle and dropped the dress outside the gates. The following day a servant saw it and delivered it to the queen. The queen loved it and called her maids to help her put it on. However, the dress was so tight that none of them could even slide it past her ankles. The queen was disappointed because the dress was so beautiful, but she decided to discard it and wear one of her others. Elin later returned to the castle to see the queen, and when she saw she wasn't wearing the dress, she was infuriated. She stormed home and paced back and forth for hours until she thought of another idea.

¨Cauldron blue,

cauldron green.

What I brew,

will kill the queen.


Make a necklace of silver

So bright that is glitters

It will turn her to stone

And I will steal her throne.¨

Elin held the necklace up to the light and cackled. I will be queen in no time! She thought to herself. She hurried back to the castle and dropped it outside. Then she returned to the cottage and went to sleep.

The next day, the gardener was trimming the hedges when she noticed something shimmering nearby the front gate. She was an old, frail women. She picked up the necklace and carefully examined it. It was far too expensive to belong to any normal villager in the town. The old woman was poor and her husband had recently passed away.

If it is the Queen's necklace, she wouldn't even notice it was gone, she assured to herself. She stood there for a moment, thinking, then tucked it into her back pocket. She glanced over her shoulder, and when she saw no one had seen her, she headed to a nearby pawn shop.

Elin looked at herself in the mirror, imagining herself as the queen. She snickered quietly and decided she would keep the frozen statue of the old queen in her backyard. She strutted through the village to the castle to attend what would be the dining ceremony. When she saw the queen smiling through the window of the palace, her blood started to boil.

¨How is she still alive?¨ She screeched.

Elin cursed to herself on the way back to her cottage, then sat down at her table. She buried her head in her arms and thought to herself for days until she devised another plan to murder the queen.

¨Cauldron blue,

cauldron green.

What I brew,

will kill the queen.


Make a mirror of gold

When the queen sees her reflection

Her heart will rot into mold.¨

Elin kept her eyes locked shut and picked the mirror off the ground. She started to shake. She knew that she could not look into it, but she wanted to see how the gold color would shine onto her face. She hesitated, remembering how desperately she wanted to be queen. She envisioned herself with a crown on her head. Her loyal, admiring subjects would adore her. She thought about having all the riches she could ask for.

Maybe just a peek.

Elin continued to run her fingers across the side of the mirror, then she slowly started to open her eyes.

Just one quick glimpse.

Finally she opened her eyes all the way. She smiled at her own gorgeous complexion, then felt a sharp pain in her chest. She put her hand where her heart was and collapsed. Her heartbeat began to slow down. Eventually, it completely decayed.

The king and queen soon gave birth to their son. They were well respected by all of the villagers. They never had any difficulties with any other citizens. As they got older, they prepared their  son for when he would take over their throne and become king of the province.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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