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Times Have Changed


Times have changed from way back when,

We are more environmentally driven than we have ever been.

Without popularity or approval,

We automatically think of ourselves as in need of removal.

The clothes that we wear

Determine our self worth

And if one is not thin,

They wish for a second birth.

We live in a society

Where the past only hosted sobriety.

We are drunk on the thought of looking the best

And to think any differently is simply a jest

We are never truly alive,

Unless we are being reckless and ludicrous

Only then do we thrive.

Cell phones are constantly clutched to our chests,

Our eyes scanning posts and memes,

However it is just another one of the world’s cruel schemes.

We are puppets,

Controlled by the worlds strings,

Times have changed from way back when,

Times have changed.



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