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Royce stood there, unaware that the end of his life, and his impact on us, his family, was about to end in a matter of seconds. He was in shock, his whole body was shaking, his cloudy eyes fixed on the large needle. The pool of blood that gathered around his foot, was a deep burgundy red, small dribbles ran down his leg, as if trying to escape his beating heart. He let out a large puff as the needle edged closer, the vet’s eyes carefully searching for a vein. Tears streamed down our faces, wetting his chestnut brown fur. The vet inserted the needle, suddenly Royce's shaking stopped, and he let out a large sigh. He swayed left than right and then his legs buckled as he crashed through the ground.  A soft breeze rippled through his hair, tickling his lifeless body. The world needed his loving personality, and unparalleled beauty, but the wind carried him away. The wind carried him away.

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