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like atlas, i watched you struggle to bare the weight of the universe.

like icarus, i watched you test fate until you fell.

like sisyphus, i watched you roll that boulder up the mountain over and over and overandover, never learning your lesson.


and like cassandra of troy, i could do nothing.


no longer can i remember if i miss you

or if i miss what you were.

(what do i do when your shoulders are no longer the highest place in the world?)


i now grow gardens where weeds once raged,

filling the holes in the ground with roses while

you fill the holes in your heart with



no longer do i wonder if i make you proud because

i grow a bit taller,

every single day that i prove you


(i will climb to the top of the world myself.)


like you, i am made of blind ambition but

unlike you, i do not burn.

i have turned your wings of wax into something more,

something unbreakable.

despite, not because of.


forward, i move because

like atlas and sisyphus and icarus

you are nothing more than an old myth made

to  teach us children a lesson.

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