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I’m standing halfway up the mountain

Slowly making an ascend

At 11,000 feet


Gaining 6 miles over 5 hours

I’m this close, I can feel it

Doggedly hiking to reach the peak of the mountain


Finally nearing the end

The last painstaking hour

Me, still steadfastly trekking

My sore, aching legs stagger along carrying me


After all of my suffering and struggles,

Losing half of my lunch,

Hefting a 30 pound bag

I slowly edge closer, and closer, up the mountain


I see it...

I see the gigantic lake

Purified by nature


Reflecting the glory of the surrounding mountains

I am in awe of this sight- to see and bask in


Embracing the great lake with my own eyes

Made the whole trip worth it

Teaching perseverance from the aches in my feet to the ache in my head

But I sought and I conquered, with my family

This is what hiking is all about

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