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I turn over. I’m too hot. I shift the blanket, and hang one of my legs off the bed. I look at the clock on the left.




I reach over to the side table, and drink a sip of water. I glance at the clock.




I get up--I need the toilet…

I stand, and walk the two feet to the door. A drowsy feeling comes over me. My body feels cold. I touch the handle as my eyes droop. I stagger back to my bed, not realizing that the knob wouldn’t give when I tried to turn it. Laying down, I catch a glimpse of the clock.




I wake curled uncomfortably on my side, my head against the wall. My head hurts. I turn, my eye heavy. I drink all the water, trying to wash away the mucus. I squint at the alarm clock. I’m freezing. I fall on the bed.




Someone open the door, and light streams in. Two strong hands grab my arms and walk me away. All I hear is, “Your sleep test has been completed. The water was fine, with the cold side-effect.”


The clock says 00:00.

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