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A Mother's Duty To Her Daughter

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It is often truly said, that almost everything depends upon early training. In that little circle, then, where you are so peculiarly mistress and "all in all," be assiduous early to implant, among other things, domestic tastes in the mind of your little daughter. Let her sit by your side with her needle, and not put her from you when you discharge those employments which are for the comfort of the family. Let her take part in them, as far as her feeble hand is capable, and teach her that this will be her province when she becomes a woman. Inspire her with a desire to make all around her comfortable and happy, and teach her that not self gratification, but the good of a househould, the improvement of even the humblest dependent, is the business of her sex. When she questions you, repay her curiosity with clear and loving explanations ; and when you walk out, sometimes take her with you. Especially if you visit the aged, or go on errands of mercy to the sick and the poor, let her be your companion. And allow her to sit by the side of the sufferer, and learn those nursing offices which afford relief to pain. - Associate her with you, and make her your friend. Purify and perfect your own example, for her sake. And while you mingle with domestic training and with the germ of benevolence, a knowledge of the world, and of books to which it will be a sweet privilege for you to introduce her, should you not be able to add a single fashionable amusement, still be continually thankful if you have been successful in shielding her from the contagion of an evil example.


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