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I blink, because I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Vanessa doesn’t even move. Her body is frozen. She pulls her foot out from underneath the water. Her mom had just bought her new skates. They were white, just like the snow that was all over Vanessa’s raven-colored hair. It looks like the sky at night- the snow that has fallen onto it is the stars. My glasses fall out of my fingertips, which I can barely feel due to the cold, as I brush the snowflakes on my eyelashes away. Vanessa finally looks up, and her eyes match the color of the water underneath the ice, a striking seaglass blue. Vanessa stands up, and sighs. I can see her warm breath in the air. She bends down and ties her skates. I stare down at my feet. I’m wearing mom’s wool socks. My eyes start to travel across the ice, until I see a slim crack leading from Vanessa over to my side of the ice. When I yell for Vanessa, the ice breaks, and I feel my whole body, being submerged in the freezing water. The last thing I see is Vanessa’s head before I let my eyes close.

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