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If a Representative of a slave State is even suspected of betraying his trust, he is immediately brought to an account. How different is the course of Northern men! They will vote and use their influence in favor of slavery, in direct opposition to the interest and will of their constituents ; they will suffer themselves to be kicked, cuffed and brow-beaten, and even bribed, into the service of slavery, not a word do we hear from them as an apology for their course? Let us study the policy of slaveholders. We want no better evidence of a man's soundness on the slavery question, than that he enjoys the confidence of the South. O Freemen of the North! how long will you submit yourselves to be used in the service of Slavery? Your duty to yourselves, to your children, to your country, and to your God, asks, yea, demands that you use every honest means to clear yourselves from all participation in the support of slavery, and to give the reins of Government into the hands of men who will be true to the welfare of their country. Let every man who loves Justice and regards Humanity but make use of such means as are within his power, and America will soon be Free. [Hampshire Herald]


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