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Pain shoots through my upper back. My mouth is dry and aching for water. I feel a sharp ringing in my head. I open my eyes slowly to see glass all over the ground, smashed up cars a few feet away. I look down at my hands and arms to see cuts and bruises. I raise my body slowly so I’m sitting with my head up. Immediately I feel pain in my head. I sit there waiting for the world to stop spinning. I move slowly to my hands and knees. Every time I move slightly I wait for the dizziness to fade. I’m standing now and I can see another person moving. Holding a box thats lighting up. They put it up to their ear and I can see their lips moving. I start walking the other direction. They give me no intrest.

Ive been walking awhile and my legs are starting to ache. Pain wanders my whole body. I start coming across a patch of trees. As I keep walking I come to a clearence. Standing there in the trees is a blue cabin. Feeling adventurous I walk in to find a giant soft bed, full furnished kitchen and bathroom, and a couch in front of a luxurious fire place. I get into the large fluffy bed and close my eyes. I’m off to sleep in seconds.

I wake up to a sharp headache and its bright outside which makes it worse. My stomach grumbles for a nice giant meal. I look around to see a couple apples and bananas. I open the fridge to my suprise sitting there is a giant turkey. Theres also milk, a plate of pancakes, a dozen sandwiches, and snacks galore. I grab it all. The turkey is already cooked, hot, and ready for me to eat. After the meal I’m still left hungry but I move on to outside. It’s bright out to I figured I would explore now. I pass animals almost in every tree. I hear them talking about me. About how I’m strange. “STOP” I yell furious. I red bird flies to my feet. “We are so very sorry we just want to welcome you” tweets the red bird. “Thank you, I appreciate it” I say as a move on to the edge of the forest. “Before you go I think we may know where your friends are” the red bird says ressuringly. “You may not remeber them but they were in the crash with you. They live in a apartment at the edge of the woods” Images of a two girls flash through my head. Of us baking a cake, at the park, in a school, and more.  My tongue starts burning as a move closer. My head turns hot like fire. My clothes catch a spark and burn. I scream as a run back to the cabin. Like it never happened my clothes are normal and I feel almost cold. I try again cautious, to not catch fire again. I vear towards the edge of the forest. I run out so I can’t catch flame.

At a little distance away from the woods was a tall building as the bird ressured me. I walk up to red door in front. I don’t bother to knock and walk in. Stairs lead to three apartments above me and four apartments below me. I walk up the stairs first. I knock on 2A first but there was no answer. Next I move on to 2B. The door opens to a little old lady. “May I help you” the lady whispers almost as if shes scared. “Im looking for my friends, black hair and blonde” I whisper back. “I tdon’t kno what your talking about” the old lady says sadly. “If I do I hate to say but they both passed away in a car crash two years ago” Images of two girls and me get placed in my head. Of us shopping, at school, at a cheer practice. Then a memory of us in a car. We were singing a song. Jingle bells plays in my head. My friend swerves right down a street leading to the highway. It goes dark. My tongue starts to burn. My eyes water. My clothes catch flame once again. I scream and run in circles. The old lady reaches for her phone and dials.

I wake up to a police officer sitting next to me.

“We were directed to talk to Amanda right when she woke up” The police man says as he gestures me to follow him.

He takes me to a small plain room with a table and two chairs in the middle. “Please take a seat I only have to ask you a few questions” I sit in the chair closest to the door.

“First If I may ask, where did you go when you woke up after the crash” I refused to answer. He didn’t need to know. “Amanda” he whispers

“ A cabin” He scribbles down notes. “A blue cabin in the woods” I glance at his notes. His handwriting is terrible.“Your handwriting is terrible” He dosen’t seem to notice that I was talking.

“What was inside this cabin?”

“A big feast. Turkey, fruit, milk, sandwiches, and pancakes” He scribbles another note.

“Is this the cabin” He slides over a picture of a cabin without a roof, broke windows, and blue chipped paint.

“It can’t be. It was fully furnished and everything. He scribbles more. I start sweating. Burning

“Did you touch anything in the cabin?”

“It all felt so real I mumble”

“Lets move on” He quickley states. “What did you do in the cabin”

“I fell asleep in the big fluffy bed. Then woke up and explored the woods”

“What did you do in the woods”

“I talked to the animals, they told me to go to the apartment to find my friends” he scribbled as he noded his head

“Okay Amanda I would like you to take me to this cabin.” Two big men walk in and escort me to a van.

I ride in the van for awhile. I feel the van pulling onto a gravel road. The doors to my side of the car open up and bright light shoots in. The sun hurts my eyes. We are in the parking lot to the apartments where my friends lived. “Take me to the cabin Amanda” the police man says. I jump out of the car and start towards the woods. We walk up to the clearing to the fully furnished cabin. “Amanda” the police man starts slowly, “theres nothing here”. I don’t know what he’s talking about. The cabin is sitting right there. “What are you talking about” I whisper. He stays silent. One of the big men whisper to the police man. “I think she sees it but she dosent know its not real” he whispers back. I hope he knows he’s bad at whipering. My body starts to burn. I scream. Its bad this time. It hurts really bad. “Come on Amanda lets go” the police man yells. I can’t stop. The burning won’t stop. “AMANDA” he yells. I stop. Everything stops. The cabin turns into rubble. My stomach turns empty and starving. My head starts spinning. I shiver and fall to the ground. The darkness forms aorund me. My whole world turns to pixels. It eats me whole.

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