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Finally the day has come,

the day for fun, I’m not going to shun,

the light is glaring from the sun,

all my work is done, I can run more than any day.

Summer is today.

All my friends are around,

the birds are chirping to me a long good sound.

I can lounge, and the trees are waving to me.

My friends await me, the air radiates happiness for everyone.

An  avalanche of happiness goes everywhere.

The happiness weighs a ton.

I can feel the life around me, an arrow has found me,

It has hit, it gives no pain, and from it I feel joy.

I can see it going from one person to another.

Nothing is failure, no one should be sad.

I hear a storm of laughs and chills.

A world of dreams, a world of noise.

I hear the happiness and see it through my eyes.

I walk along the beach, meeting new friends.

Soon enough,  I will go home to start a new day.

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