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The mystery of Napoleon's career was this - under all difficulties and discouragements to "press on." It solves the problems of all heroes, it is the rule by which to judge rightly of all wonderful successes. It should be the motto of all, high and low, fortunate and unfortunate, so called, – "to press on," never despair, however dark the way, however great the difficulty, or repeated the failure, "press on." If fortune has played false with thee today, do thou play true for this to morrow. – Let the foolishness of yesterday make thee wise to-day. If thy affections have been poured out like water in the desert do not sit down and perish of this, but "press on" – a beautiful oasis is before thee, and thou mayst reach it if thou wilt. If another has been false to thee, do not increase the evil by being false to thyself. Do not say the world has lost its poetry and beauty; it is not so, and even if it be so, make thine own poetry and beauty, by a true, brave, and above all, a religious life.

Ventilate your Rooms - A healthy man, of ordinary sized chest, spoils, in twenty-four hours, by respiration, 720 cubic feet of atmospheric air.


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