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Asa wandered through the streets of Madrid looking for an answer, months had passed and yet he always found himself dreaming with her, he couldn´t understand what it meant, he had heard of people dreaming of people they had randomly seen somewhere but nobody could forget a face like hers it almost seemed unreal he had looked through both worlds he had asked humans and spirits but he never found an answer it had almost become a routine he would fall asleep and sleepwalk his way into an abandoned building far away from his dorm no matter what he did he would always wake up there he would lock his doors, install a security system, take medications he had even asked his only friend to tie him up but nothing worked except this night.

This night he had fallen asleep, he had sleepwalked till he entered the building he had woken up in a room full of windows and dead plants and graffiti all over the walls but this time he decided to do what he hadn't done before he decided to investigate the place- maybe this whole time the answer had been right in front of him but it was just too obvious right,?-he thought, he had gone into every room but they were all empty or full of trash he had given up.

Asa  walked away, but it was as she had called him herself they were soft whispers at first but as he started walking to the sound of her voice it just kept getting louder and louder, he followed the now yelling girl to a door, a red door, he hadn't been to this room yet it was as it appeared out of nowhere  as he walked in the room was fully furnished with a red carpet and a million books on every wall but there was one that caught his attention ,it would catch anybody's attention it was a big black book with a red writing opened on half but that's not what caught his attention the book was levitating no strings attached ,literally the book had a symbol that seemed familiar to him and a chanting on Latin with it,  he grabbed the book and walked home that night he had spend the rest of the night reading each and every page of it doing research of all types ,translating every word that he did not understood he hadn't realized how focused and concentrated.

He had been until his stomach let a soft growl out indicating that he was hungry he checked his watch and was alarmed at first as he had missed his morning class but he was the smartest kid from his class he could miss any day and still be at the top he picked up his laptop and notes from last night and shove them in a backpack he grabbed the keys from his motorcycle and drove to the  nearest underground cafe ,now this cafe wasn't like any normal cafe as this cafe was made for walkers like him, people who can see both worlds, as he entered the small room the smell of fresh dark coffee hit him, he sat down on his usual spot as he waited for the waitress he pulled out his laptop and notebook to check all of his work in a matter of minutes the waitress had passed by his table , he ordered bacon and pancakes with a cup of coffee ,seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours and he had stayed all afternoon trying to connect the dots but it was just as luck wasn't on his side, it seemed as he was missing just one thing -who was her? and why him?- it was now 9:00p.m he had to leave the cafe as they were now closing he laughed at the irony he was walking the beautiful streets of Madrid back to were he had started ,all of the thought and work he had put was for nothing there was only was thing left to do, and he knew it he dispiced not being normal with all his strength he walked with a slow pace back to his dorm he had parked a few streets over so he could pick up his bike the next day, he dropped of his bag and changed into a proper outfit for as he was about to enter the underworld he changed into an all black outfit he walked to his closet and opened the box that held a mask due to the fact the underworld is filled with the dead, the air can be very toxic he put the mask on and laid down on his bed and with just one though he was now in the land of the dead ,the underworld, he walked through the streets filled with spirits and just like he had guessed there he was waiting for him he's one and only friend,Tokyo, Tokyo had been there for him since he was 8 years old ,they were now 20 and the friendship had only grown stronger and as much as he would have loved to chat he knew he couldn't lose time- Asa long time no see eh?-Tokyo walked to Asa and gave him a quick hug-I need you to tell me all you know about her- Asa pulled out a drawing of the girl he had seen every night he had dared to dream- Nice to see you too, I understand you have no time to lose it took you longer than i had expected- Asa only grew with curiosity as he waited for his friend to speak- her name is Yuno she can dream walk just like you, her and a few others were trapped by Kira some crazy old dude that used to live around he believed that if he collected enough dream walkers he could take their powers and go back to earth himself, of course, nobody took him seriously but boy were we wrong, there had been many attempts to capture him but he grows stronger the longer he is with them- Asa had many questions but there was only one that matter to him- what does that have to do with me he asked ? I mean I pity them but I am not a hero Tokyo and we both know that---- who said you have to be one?-Tokyo asked and just with that both Tokyo and Asa came up with a plan, the same day Asa went on a journey and followed Tokyo's directions to walk all the way up to nightmare street and find the biggest house painted grey and when he did find it he was pulled right back to reality.

he was strapped to a bed surrounded by doctors Asa was heavily affected after the death of his parents he was unable to see in between reality and fantasy he had become a menace to others and himself he had been admitted in a hospital by his brother Tokyo after he had accused him of kidnapping dream walkers and tried to stab him.

Asa yelled and kicked and pleaded to let go of him as he still believed he was meant to save Yuno all he could do was go back to sleep as he was a prisoner of his own mind.

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