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The Way To Make Progress

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Let us keep the thing before the public. - Let us discuss - persuade - agitate - organize. Let brave men argue Tee-totalism and the pledge into public judgment; let fair wornen sing tee-totalism and the pledge into the world's affections; let young children, too, prattle Tee-totalism and the pledge, till each echo shall answer "Tee-totalism and the Pledge," from every tongue of the rising generation. Let the people be often called together, and interchange their thoughts, feelings and sympathies, in the great cause of human amelioration. Let us consider the human mind our medium, and the wide world the theatre of action; and the end already shadowing forth its coming in the signs of the times, will be as glorious as the beginning was philanthropic. [Dr. R. T. Trival.]

Those who have resources within themselves, who can dare to live alone, want friends the least but at the same time know best how to prize them most; but no company is far preferable to bad, because we are more apt to catch the vices of others than their virtues, as disease is far more contagious than health.
If "Freedom shrieked when Kosciusko fell," the friends of republican liberty, the friends of humanity, here and every where, should be clad in habiliments of woe, when the spirit of John Quincy Adams ascends to his God.

The tallest trees are most in the power of the winds; and ambitious men of the blasts of fortune. They are most seen and observed, and most envied; least quiet, but most talked of, and not often to their advantage.

Right. - The Morning Star asserts that 616 Free-will Baptist ministers have issued a public declaration, refusing the right hand of christian fellowship to those guilty of the sin of slavery.

It is asserted that Daguerrean miniatures viewed through a microscope will give the color of the eyes, hair and dress, with every natural expression of countenance.

Good works are a rock that will support their credit; but ill ones, a sandy foundation that yields to calamities.


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