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For this was it

It ended in the middle of adventure

I turned to look at you

My eyes found yours in this graying light

Your hair matched the fire, but your eyes were even more alight

Something about December worked my heart even more

We were alone and together, apart but never the same

The words kept flowing as your hand wound about my hair

The story I wrote, I wrote all for you, but the last 20 pages were a blank slate

Supposedly filled by you

The room I sat in was cold and misty, a peacock came from under the bed

It flashed its ribbons and did a dance

And you killed it, staining the carpet with an ugly red

The flashing lights and star-crossed eyes were enough to set you free

You charmed me, beguiled me into your tormented window seat

A flower crown, a rose-colored feat

And I fell for you, bled for you, and loved for you but never all at once

I didn’t do a thing

I watched you take my hand and lead me to the river

I watched from my soul, never my eyes, as you allowed the water to hug me

It was cold and refreshing even with the first snow falling

It rushed around me, clung to my skin, like a human suit ready to win

It wrapped itself around my neck like the ruby rose diamond necklace your bribed me with

And I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see, all I felt was you

Your hand was still clasped in mine

But your other hand forced me down underneath my cries  

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