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Ann Arbor Wayzgoose and Printing Festival Exhibit | Posters and Paper Sculpture: The Art of American Printmaking


Wednesday September 4, 2019: 9:00am to Friday October 18, 2019: 9:00pm


Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room Exhibit


As part of AADL’s second annual Ann Arbor Wayzgoose & Printing Festival, this exhibit celebrates the history of printmaking and letterpress through the work of two leaders in American printmaking: Amos Kennedy of Kennedy Prints! and Sarah Brown of Questionable Press. 

Amos Kennedy is an American printmaker, book artist and papermaker. His work: “Public Libraries: The Last Commons” explores the role of libraries in our communities as one of the last places open to the public, with no admission for entry. Kennedy creates typographic posters with messages and phrases that encourage viewers to reflect and think in new ways. His work plays with bright colors and overprinting (a method of layering successive printings) and offers commentary on contemporary social concerns.

Sarah Brown is an artist and printer of Questionable Press. Her work is entitled: "561 Paper Fish." Brown's process involves hand carving wood blocks that are then printed on her Heidelberg Windmill letterpress. Each print is then die cut to create an individual paper sculpture. Brown has made paper sculptures of toads, turtles, and animals masks and this exhibit features a school of 561 bluegill fish.

Together their work demonstrates the broad possibilities with letterpress printing and celebrates the creativity and artistry of independent printmakers. 

A partner exhibit: Stuff Found at the Back of the Flat File by Amos Kennedy will be on display at the Ann Arbor Art Center 10/1-10/13.

This exhibit is held in conjunction with the 2019 Ann Arbor Wayzgoose & Printing Festival, October 11-12th.