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Mankind has always dreamed

Of exploring the depths of the sea

The creatures waiting to be found

There was no way to reach, to dive that deep

Or so it seemed.


Until someone managed

To dream bigger than everyone.

To dream to the extreme.

And made it happen

Only to find that he was disadvantaged.


He found nothing.

Nothing living.

He found a plastic, cursed, underwater world.

He found carcasses that, when ripped open,

Old, rotten bottle caps burst through, gushing.


Dreams lost,

He returned to the surface

And saw a beach

That, from afar, was paradise.

He looked closer and found what mankind caused.


Once explorers, now destroyers.

Human beings are selfish,

They lay around, waiting for change.

Until they finally realize, too late

All the man-made errors.


The plastic sea

Finds its way to our bodies

We beg for change.

But it’s too late

There is no answer to our plea.


No matter how much we apologize

And weep over our mistakes,

There is no way to turn back.

It’s a dead end, unchangeable.

No matter the cries.


We return back to 2018, to the present.

The path we’re taking is a dark one indeed.

But we haven’t reached a dead end yet.

There’s still hope and dreams

To be met.


Hope and dreams

Can change our story

Can produce new paths,

New possibilities,

And new extremes.

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