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Hints To Young Ladies

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If young women waste their time in trivial amusement, the prime season for improvement, which is between the ages of sixteen and twenty, they will hereafter regret bitterly the loss, when they come lo feel themselves inferior in knowledge to almost every one they converse with; and, above all, if they should ever be mothers, when they feel their inability to direct and assist the pursuits of their children, they will then find ignorance a severe mortification and a real evil. Let this animate their industry - let not a modest opinion of their capacities be a discouragement to their endeavors after knowledge. A moderate understanding, with diligent and well-directed application, will go much farther than a more lively genius, if attended with that impatience and inattention which too often accompany quick parts. It is not for want of capacity that so many women are such trilling and insipid companions, so ill qualified for the friendship and conversation of a sensible man, or for the task of instructing or governing a family - it is oftener the neglect of exercising the talents they really have, and from omitting to cultivate a taste for intellectual improvement. By this neglect they lose the sincerest of pleasures, which would remain when almost every other forsook them, and which would be a comfort and resource in almost every situation in life.

Liberty makes strange combinations. - A love of it yokes apparently discorded elements together. Yet these combinations show, that man wishes to stand erect, and he will hail him as his brother, who does most to elevate the race! For freedom, sects, creeds, classes are forgotton. We know then but one brotherhood, and one common Father. [Examiner.]

"Send them all to -----!" exclaimed a sacrilegious ruffian, speaking of some paupers. "Better send us to heaven your honor; we shall be more out of your way there," replied one of them.


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