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They told me I would fail.

For some reason, that’s all I can remember of them.

They claim to have done good things in their lives.

They claim to act a certain way.

I can’t see it.

But, still.

Does it give them the right to determine what my life should be?

Just because I’m different – I’m not what they call “right.”

And it makes me sad, even though it used to make me angry.

I was angry that I could never be who they wanted me to be.

I’m not that girl.

Then, I realized.

If I listened to them, who would I be?

I’d be an imposter.

By paving my own way, by being myself, I could peacefully show them.

And now.

Look at me now.

I am proud and happy of the woman I’ve become.

I suppose I should thank them.

Their words pushed me to be the best person I can be.

And they told me I would fail.


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