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          Once upon a not so far ago, there was a girl named Angela. She was moving because her mother got a new job in Scottsdale, Arizona. This was a huge change for Angela. The day she got there, she met Reid and Nicole. They welcomed her to Scottsdale and told her about the town. Angela made sure to remember it. The next morning Angela woke up to nobody in her new house. She walked around the house looking for someone. Then she found a note on the table saying, “To find your friends you will have to overcome the mountains.” When Angela read this, she remembered that Reid had told her about Camelback Mountain. She was near the mountain so she rode her bike over. At the base of the she found another note saying, “Almost done. Go to the Hyatt Hotel.” She remembered that Nicole told her that this was the fanciest hotel. She quickly walked to the hotel and the front desk handed her a note saying, “Meet us at Oreganos.” She rode her bike over and she saw her family and friends! They went in and ordered desserts. Angela knew that this town was a great adventure.

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