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The Eclectic magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art - W. H. Bidwell, Editor and Proprietor. Published at 120 Nassau St., N. York: -
A work rich in English literature; containing none of the exciting stories with which almost every periodical of the present day abounds - but much of pure moral sentiment and useful knowledge.

Its principal interests consists in its biographical sketches of some of the most distinguished of the literati of Europe.

Its embellishments are fine. The number before us is for January, 1848. It contains a beautiful Mezzotint of Dr. Johnson rescuing Goldsmith from his landlady - Life and writings of Shelley - Mademoiselle Lenormand - Thomas Macaulay - Life and writings of Hobbes, of Malmesburg - the Buckinghamshire home and haunts of Cowper - American commerce and statistics - Hints upon History - Italy in the middle ages - Thorwaldson the sculptor - Pleasures of Botany and gardening - A sketch of domestic life.

The poetry in this number is rather commonplace. It contains a long list of interesting miscellany. This work is of a high literary character, as such we recommend it to our readers.

Sears' New Pictorial Family Magazine, April, 1848. Published 128 Nassau St., N. York, Berford & Co., Burgess, Stringer & Co., W. H. Graham, P. Long & Brother: Philadelphia, G. B. Zeiber & Co., No. 3 Ledger building, Third St. near Chesnut.

This magazine contains much historical and useful information. No family should be without it, or a similar work.

Contents of the April number are, the Western Emigrant - Explusion of the Acadians - Agricultural science - Researches on food - The Hindoo Scholar - Lycurgus the Spartan lawgiver - The nests of Fishes - The Lama - Travels in the Holy Land, No. 4 - Cultivation of the mind - Beauty of a benevolent life - The Wasp family - New Zealand - Lectures on Astronomy, No. 3 - Sierra Leone - Western Africa - The American continent. The number is well embellished with wood cuts of the finest quality.

Western School Journal. - A monthly devoted to the cause of education in the Mississippi valley. Published at Cincinnati, 110 Main St.

This Journal has some excellent contributors. - It contains some fine specimens of poetry, and many well written prose articles, one of which we now recollect in one of the back numbers, upon the subject of school houses and their locations, by the Hon. W. L. Perkins, with which we were much pleased. It was well conducted, has a wide circulation and is doing much to promote the cause of education.

Frost's Pictorial History of the United States, a splendid work of four volumes, elegantly bound in two large octavo, containing a concise, but well written statement of historical facts, from the discovery of America by the Northmen in the tenth century, to the present time. It is embellished with four hundred engravings from original drawings, descriptive of many of the important events, with portraits of the most distinguished actors.


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