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It’s the home of the free and the brave

Thankfully, most of us behave

We’ve all been through tough trials,

But we continue to show our smiles

Not one single person is perfect, or ever will be,

However we will forever march on as an army

Although times have become cruel and rough,

Nobody has said they’ve had enough

The discrimination and hatred has spread

Most people can’t even feel comfortable in their own homestead


It all began with the settlement of many cultures

They started the economy with agriculture

Christopher Columbus was said to have discovered our home

That’s what been hardwired in our genomes

Later on down the line we finally realized he wasn’t a hero after all

Some opinions were changed and this truth in life gave us a curveball

Conflict started in 1775 as we began to declare our independence

In doing so this made our civilians feel resplendence


We continued to move on and grow faster than bamboo on a rainy day

As we grew larger so did our need to farm and this made a very certain culture hideaway

To manage crops and fields our founders thought we should use slaves

Actions like this forced many people to be driven straight to their graves

This separated us into different sides; the right to freedom or the right to produce and expand

So a man named Abraham Lincoln came along and took a stand

He stopped the ownership of people and tried to make us all equal

Decades later we became the leader in industrial power

Other countries started to become bitter and sour

Years after stock markets crashed and this led to a Great Depression that spreaded worldwide

The minds of people started to be thrown to the curbside


In the 1960’s, rights and freedom were pushed out the door

And this made millions of gallons of tears pour

Minorities were racially profiled

This made different groups of people become wild

On the 11th, we got hit with an attack

Making us feel as if we were stabbed in the back

Thousands died and hundreds hurt

They were all covered in dirt


After many, many years, we obtained a new head of state

People started to debate

If the election was interfered

Then the truth finally appeared

Our president one fair in square

There's going to be trouble everywhere

We just need to try

Or we will all Die

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