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Micheal never talked about her, Lauran. Or even said he had a girlfriend. All he ever talked about was a girl he had met at a social event years ago. He never stopped crooning over her. It got annoying real quick. But I never knew it was the Lauran. He had asked asked me to tag along with him, to an event that is. Some movie premier or something like that, they needed people with names from New York to advertise it. So we threw our names around like it was nothing about the event and they gave us invites.


We strolled in, our suits looking uniform. If it weren’t for my eyes and hair color people could say we looked like brothers, we were really just frat brothers and the best of friends. Only sharing the same beer and taste in girls. That was college, only way we got around was because of our parents names. Not ours, but boy did mine make the paper almost every week for a new girl leaving my condo. That’s the kind of life I get for being the son to wealthy business parents who had their name on two thirds of the store fronts in New York.


Unbuttoning my suit jacket I take a seat on the bar stool next to Micheals. Ordering a bourbon with his gin. Watching every girl walk in like they were eye candy, knowing damn good and well I could ask any one of the to leave with me and they would. I had that kind of power, because they knew who I was and would regret missing a chance to be with me and make the front page of the local newspaper. The bartender returns; handing us our drinks. I take a sip of the bourbon in hand. Letting it burn my throat and warm the bottom of my stomach.


Mcheal kept barking about some apparent ‘girlfriend’ and how she was going to be here. I never heard of any girlfriend, nor did he ever tell me he had one. Ok, i’ll bite.


“So who’s this supposed girlfriend?” Leaning my arm on the table facing him. Narrowing my eyes, studying his face. Hoping to catch him in a lie. He wouldn’t have a girlfriend and not tell me. We were best friends, but with different mothers. I’ve never seen her, never heard of her. Apparently she was a musician on the up and coming socialite. I knew most of the socialites here. So she had to be new to this kind of stuff. She also goes to the same college as us apparently. I’ve never seen or heard of her on campus, and trust me. I’d know what girl he was talking about, but the name Lauran didn’t ring a bell. Micheal looks to me, a big smirk on his face “Just so you know, I called dibs on her first. I met her before you did. So don’t try any of your witchy woo woo stuff on her to get her to fall for you. Not this one”


I give him a look. “Witchy woo woo stuff? Dude you sound like you don’t even go to college. What the hell are you talking about?”


Micheal looks to me and throws back his gin. Then gesutres to me with hand making some weird hand stuff. “You know what I mean, every time i’ve found a girl I like you come around and sweep her off her feet and she ends in your bed not mine. This time around this girls mine. I got that feeling about her, like it was meant to happen. So don’t pull any stunts with me.”

I take a swig of my bourbon and give him a smirk of my own. “You have my word brother.” He turns to face the crowd and his face lights up. “She’s here. Remember your manners and what i said, I called dibs.” His eyes return to the thing making him look like a kid at Disney World.


Curiosity killed the cat with this one, what made him so insecure about me seeing his apparent girlfriend he’s been sneaking around with behind my back. I follow his gaze and I can’t beleive who it is, I choke on my drink. Instead of sliding down my throat it sneaks up into my nose making me cough even harder. It’s Lauran Strait. How did I not know she went to our college? And how the fuck did he manage to snag her? She’s known for all f her success already as a musician and an actress, she’s made a name for herself already as a socialite in the papers and everything. She leaned against Micheal,pecking him on the lips smiling from ear to ear. She looked happy with him.No wonder he called dibs on her, he was insecure. He knew it and now I know why he never said anything about her. We’d all think he was lying, which could be the main thought because a girl like her needed a better man.


Setting my empty glass down, napkin tucked under Micheal gives me a look. One of ‘Don’t play that with me and cut your shit’ He slides an arm around her waist and leads her to the other side of the room. Where they started talking with some film producers and a few other people. I couldn’t believe myself, he actually got a girl like her. She was so beautiful,had alot going for her. I flag the waiter down and ask for a refill. I was envious; how can he, the bottom rung of the socialites in New York get a girl like her? I studied her, the stark black hair falling down her back and those eyes. God her eyes, I wanted to stare into the forever. I’ve never seen eyes like hers; so beautiful and radiant.


She gracefully slides into a bar stool then crosses her legs; toned, tanned from what I can see peeking out of the slit in her dress. I’m guessing she works out. Taking another peek at her legs, they were long gorgeous. I clear my throat and stand up, looking away. What I wouldn’t give for her to standing next to me instead of him. I needed her, she deserved better than that little boy she has as her arm candy right now. She needed me, a man to make her the queen she deserved. She doesn’t know this now but she needs me. I square my jaw, staring holes into the back of his head. As if he knew he turned his head towards me, then leaned towards Lauran. Giving her a kiss, it made my blood boil. She needed to be mine; and mine only.


But gave Micheal my word; on how I wasn’t going to ‘woo’ her, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I glance towards Andy; the owner of the New York symphony. I noticed she was talking with him earlier in the night while Micheal was parading her around the place. I knew him pretty well, we were good friends and on a few occasions we shared the same party and girls. I saunter towards him, glass in hand. He was talking to some other girl; i wouldn’t mind having her in my bed if I didn’t have another one in mind. Lauran, I glance back to her for a second. The dress slowly sliding up higher on her legs. More than what was intended was being revealed from her dress. I can’t tear my eyes from her. I re-adjust myself. I needed her, there was something unsated, raw. Primal in my need for her. I reach Andy, setting my glass on the bar then pat him on the shoulder.

“Well what rock did you crawl under for these past couple of months?”

He turns around, a questioned look on his face then once he traces back the hand to its owner and realizes it’s me a big smile appears on his face. “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes Mr Sarantos; I could say the same for you. I haven’t seen your face in the papers for a bit, no new flavor of the week?”


I chuckle, “Well I have one in mind but that’s for later discussion, can I make you an offer old buddy of mine?”

He gives me a look, one where he knows i’m serious and he’s ready to deal.

“What kind of offer are you looking for?

I glance to Lauran, she’s laughing at something Micheal told her. Her chest rising and falling with the laughs, what didn’t help was the cut of her beautiful dress. I clear my throat, and look back to him. I need to think of the deal at hand.


“I want to buy your symphony from you. You’ll be well compensated but i’ve been thinking about this for awhile. Name your price and it’s a deal.”

I take a sip of my bourbon and look away.

Correction i’ve been thinking about this since Ms Long legs over their talking with that boy toy walked in.


He coughed on his drink. Same reaction I had when my newly founded weakness walked in. He gave me look.


“Thank god, i’ve been trying to get rid of it for awhile. I only bought it because my parents told me to shape up, so i did. Bought it andmade my name. Now it’s nothing to me, a reminder of how shitty I was when I was younger.” He grabs a pen out of his suit jacket and writes a number on the napkin then slides it over. Taking a peek I smile, he wanted 4 million. Child’s play. I scratch it out and triple the number; it’s the least I can do. He was getting me closer to what I wanted. Her. I slide the napkin back and take a glance at her; the dress slowly sliding up even higher. Exposing more of her than what was intended. I groaned inwardly, I wanted to pull her into a backroom and have her to myself.


I needed her, and she needed to know that what I was doing. Making this deal for her.


Andy unfolds the napkin, his eyes become wider than saucers. I grin,  he’s going to take it.  He folds it back and stuffs it into his jacket pocket. Extending his hand. “That’s a deal my friend, congratulations on your new symphony. Hope you enjoy it more than I have. They’re a really good symphony especially with the new musician we just acquired, she’s truly a rare talent. A triple threat, she’s got alot going for her and has made a name for herself.”


I give a curious side eye look, thinking I probably know who he’s talking about. I’ll play.

“Who is it.”


He takes a sip of his fireball, then gestures to Lauran with his lowball glass in hand. As I thought.

“Lauran Strait. Bass player, actress,photographer and on the up and coming of a socialite in New York. Her boyfriend Micheal set up her interview with us, all he had said to my assistant was “She’s the best thing that’ll ever happen to your symphony.’ and he hasn’t lied. She signed on with us yesterday and now we’re taking her promo shoot next week for the ads.”


I look to Micheal,still doting on a girl that deserves better than him. “Micheal? Why would he do it when she’s more than capable of setting those up herself?”

He chuckles. “He wants her to stay with him, he thinks she’s the one from what he was telling me.”

He looks to them, I follow suit.


She’s not the one for him, she’s the one for me. She needs to be with me. This is why i’m buying the symphony, for you. Our time will come soon. Just wait, have patience my love.


I take a sip of my drink. “So you think he’s insecure? That he knows he has someone that’s out of his league and is making sure she’s always happy so she won’t leave him?”

He looks around, pondering my thought. “That may be the case, but from what he was telling me they’ve been together for a little over three years.”


My face goes pale, three years? How could i have not known this? We’ve been best friends since we used to wear diapers. We know each other’s skeletons in our closets. Told each other all type of stories we lived. But this? Not telling he had been dating her since college? Hell to be more specific we graduated and got a studio apartment together.


I lock my jaw, all the puzzle pieces have finally been put together. All those nights he’d come in late or leave for the weekends and extends his vacation time. He was with her, hiding her from me. Because he knew the minute she laid on eyes on me it was over. He was insecure; and needed to be shown to the world what kind of person he was. More specifically, Lauran.


He was hiding her from me because he knew that i’d try to seduce her, well. I did give you my word; but that won’t stop me from proving to her what she really needs my brother. A real, a king. To make her the queen she so rightfully is. The queen of my everything and anything.


I needed to resolve all of her problems for her. Matter of fact; Micheal was the only major problem she had. He needed to be exposed for the kind of person he is. I needed to fix this, but i needed to plan this out, have patience, learn all about what my queen loves and is.


I smile to myself. Being the owner of the symphony she’s playing for gives me the perfect opportunity to get to know her. Learn all about her without any issues from Micheal.


“Three years and he hasn’t popped the question to her? That may say something...if you know what I mean.”

Andy chuckles. Gestures to them and starts to clap.”he nods towards them telling me to look.

“What do you think they’ll say about them now?”


I turn,questioning him. Then my heart dropped into my stomach.Micheal was down on one knee. Proposing to her. I look to Lauran. My heart erractic,full of panic. Please say no, please say no, please say no. you don’t belong to him,you belong to me.


Her eyes get teary, and wraps her arms around his neck and yells “Yes!! I do. Yes!!”

He envelopes her into his body and spins her around kissing her; everyone cheering and whistling for the newly engaged couple. I turn my back from the spectacle. Downing my last glass and placing my elbow on them table. Any gave me a few questioning glances but none the less leaves to congratulate the couple.


I can’t believe it; he actually manage to hide something from me for so long. Though it did sting a bit to find this out second hand hand instead of from his own lips about this illicit relationship. All the more reason for her to be mine, she doesn’t deserve someone who will hide her. She needs someone who will show her off for all that she is worth; I can do that. I run my hands through my hair. It was already nearing the end of the event so some people were already shuffling out out of the hall and spilling out into the crazy socialite wannabe filled streets. Buttoning my suit i hand the valet my card, nodding he runs off to fetch my car. I stand there, looking at my fractured reflection in my shined shoes. Yes, I was hurt; but now i know what I really am to Micheal now. Just someone he grew up with, apparently. The valet returns, my dark chariot’s engine purring, waiting or me to take the wheel.  I settling into the driver’s seat, gripping the steering wheel as if i was grabbing his neck. My knuckles turning white with anger.


I look to my right, the media’s a frenzy. Light’s flashing everywhere trying to catch a photo of the newly engaged couple. Walking out hand in hand, smiles warming their faces as they faced the media. Giving them a kiss they’d ask for for the front page of whatever news outlet they covered.


I turn back, gripping the steering wheel once again. My eyes narrowing to the road.

She’s supposed to be mine, not his.


Then i crack a smile, hatching the most diabolical plan i’ve ever made. Hitting the gas I speeds off, letting the buildings and bodies melt into blurs.


In time she will be mine, just you wait brother. You’ll find out soon enough.


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