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Stephanie and I were the only “Real” nerds.We were those kids who got asked A LOT to do other students’ homework.We did do other students’ homework because they would pay us.So,it was like a middle school job.Stephanie and I were getting sick and tired of being the least popular girls in school, she wanted to make a magical popularity potion. She read a book on how to get ingredients for this sort of potion.I, of course, said it was impossible to make a potion in this world. She asked me for something that was mine like a hair or cloth, so I gave her a piece of cloth from my blanket.She put the cloth in a bottle,and I asked “What are you going to put in the bottle?”.She said she was going to put a strand of her hair in the bottle and stir both of them in goopy water.I asked “What’s the next ingredient?”, she said it was snapdragon.Luckily I grew snapdragon in my garden because it reminded me of home.I gave her the ingredient,and then I asked what the last ingredient was. She said, “We need a hair of the most popular girl in school.”. I said, “That’s so stupid. How are we going to get a hair from Michaela!?”. Stephanie said, “I already thought of one way. We can steal a hair from her shirt when she changes into her Physical Education clothes.”. So, while she was in the gym, already dressed out, I snuck into her locker and looked through her clothes (please don’t ask how I know her locker code). I found a strand of hair on her shirt,and I quickly grabbed the strand, put it in a baggy, and ran out of the locker room into the gym and out the door. I didn’t care that I was missing gym (as known as Physical Education). For after this potion was made no one would care.Stephanie (whispered)asked, “Did you get it?” I (whispered) said, “ Of course I can’t come back empty handed.”. I quickly handed it to her like we were spies on a mission -After school-. I quickly walked past the boys that always try to “mess” with me. They were so perverted I made a promise to myself to NEVER talk to them. I think at one point they thought I was a mute,but then came speech class and… yeah. I met Stephanie at her house ,where she has a professional cauldron. We got everything ready before we started. We made sure no one was outside or in the house. Then, we grabbed the hair, and we were about to put the hair in the cauldron-knock knock-.  I said, “ It’s probably a sales person. I’ll answer the door real quick and then we can continue.” Whenever I opened that door I sneakily gave Stephanie a signal,and she quickly put everything away. The boys I talked about earlier. Were at the doorstep just staring down at me. Stephanie knew that I was scared of them so she hastily said “Do yall need anything to drink?”. I got their drinks and put them on the table. I was ready to hear what they had to say. Alex (one of the boys)said. “I would like to tell you something.” He looked over at Stephanie, and said. “ I really like you, and

i’m sorry for everything bad I did to y'all.” Jonathan (the other boy) said. “I really like you KayKay (me),and i’m really sorry for not being nice to you or your friend, and I was wondering if we could start over and become friends,or maybe more.” I thought for a while - I mean this was a very sudden gesture. Stephanie always liked Alex, so she said yes right away. Me, well.. I said “We can be friends first, and then see how things go”. I didn’t want to be heartbroken like Sebastian did to me. He understood thankfully, for a moment I thought if I said no he would kill me or something.Over time we hung out more and Stephanie agreed not to even use the popularity potion. For we didn’t want it to effect the relationship we had with our friends, family, and boyfriends (talking about Stephanie on the boyfriends part). Jonathan and I are doing well in the friendship “zone” I may take it to boyfriend and girlfriend “zone”. Stephanie and Alex, oh man, you can’t separate them-giggles- .


Jonathan and I are together. Stephanie and Alex are happily married, and Jonathon and I got a dog. Jonathan and I moved in together two months ago, and I really am hoping he will pop the big question soon(ask me to marry him). As for the “popular” girl from our school. She is working at a McDonalds. She kinda deserved not having a great career for being “crappy” to Stephanie and me. I’m a 

Dentist, Jonathan is a Mechanic, Stephanie is a Veterinarian, and Alex is a Lawyer. All of us are happy and healthy in our new lives with each other.


I’m so excited! Jonathan asked me to marry him about three months ago. Stephanie and Alex are having a new baby in about five months. I’m going to be an aunt! I still can’t believe how much we have all grown. Jonathan and I are going to have the wedding on April first, two thousand twenty five. Because April first was supposed to be my birthday, but I guess I decided to come out a bit earlier-giggles-. I may or may not be thinking of having a child soon, but only because I can’t really control that. Yes.. I’m pregnant! I haven't told Jonathan yet because I’m still thinking on how to tell him. I really hope my family, and Stephanie’s family, all grow up together. Who knows maybe we will be separated and never see each other again, or something potentially bad happens to our families.



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