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  It’s crazy how you meet hundreds of people everyday and none of them stick out.  They don’t make your stomach have those huge swarms of butterflies that you dread so much but  at the same time love they don’t make your heart start beating at a fast rate to where your scared  it might just jump out of your chest. Love is a weird thing you care so deeply about someone that you think about them every waking second and would take a bullet for them without even blinking.That’s what this story is going to be about that type of love the love that you don’t know is there until the moment you have to risk it all.

    Rosaline Jackson also known as Rose is  beautiful with her light brown hair and big brown eyes that make her look so innocent. Why do the kids at her school hate her you ask well that’s because of her ex boyfriend River Quinn the quarterback the cliche golden boy that everyone loves. He’s perfect in everyone’s eyes but under in the inside he’s a broken boy that hurts everyone he gets close to.River fell for the beautiful brown haired angel he broke her wings and left her after he noticed she wasn’t who she seemed to be. That brings us to the horrifying present. River and Rosaline don’t talk whenever River see’s her in the hallway he stares at her beautiful  light brown hair. He wants her back and wishes he never messed everything up with her and he thinks he’s missed his chance to ever get her back. But the thing is she still loves him yes she knows it’s crazy because he broke her but she wishes that he would care about her like she cares for him. Until one day she finally figures out that he cares for her as much or even more then she cares for him but sadly it’s too for that.

The day was perfect sun was shining warm air happy vibes everywhere school was even off to a good start until 10:28 am 4th hour a couple minutes before class ended. Gunshots go off people freeze thinking is this forreal but suddenly a loud bang goes off and the door rips open and before anyone besides River can react he aims and shoots at Rosaline she in shock screams getting ready to feel the bullet pierce through her skin but instead she looks and RIver is on the floor as pale as Edward Cullen from Twilight. His blue eyes almost lifeless he says” I’m sorry”. She screams so loud saying “NOOOO” you can hear the pain in her voice. Then she stands up and runs full speed at the guy with the gun and tackles him to the floor getting shot right next her heart but taking the gun away killing the killer and then killing herself at 10:58 am because her love died. The police came and saved everyone else in the class.

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