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                 LOST IN THE ICE AGE 



This is the story of how Molly Grey and Grace Lords Sunday turned into an unwanted field trip back in time to the ice age. 


Molly awoke slowly, with her eyes closed, she reached over to where her spare blanket was kept, but instead of her soft woolen blanket she felt something freezing. Opening her eyes she saw that she was touching snow. Molly panicked. She jumped out of what she thought was her bed. But when she looked she realized that it was a flat rock. She looked at her surroundings, she was in a pine Forrest, everything was covered with snow. A big snow covered mountain loomed in the distance. A small wooden sign poked out of the snow, Molly dusted the snow away, it read ‘welcome back in time to the ice age’ she gasped. She shook Grace awake and told her the news. “ is there any way to get back back home?” Molly shrugged. Molly was an expert at building machines, “don’t worry, I’m sure i could build something, in the mean time i need you to go and grab materials, sticks, leaves, wood, stuff like that,  go” Molly said as Grace got up and brushed the snow from her dress. Grace walked into the thick woodlands ahead, soon Molly could no longer see her. Alone and afraid, Molly sat on a rock, she focused her mind on machines.


                              * * * *


Grace walked slowly, scanning the ground for materials, she thought of home, her warm house her room, all the fun things she did on a normal Sunday now felt like a dream, not real vivid, and to good to be true. After an hour of walking Grace had more then she could carry, wood, and twigs fell from her arms, she was now tired, cold and hungry. She gathered all the strength she had left and slowly started walking back in the direction of Molly. Hours later when Grace thought she was lost and was about to give up, she heard a distant but hopeful sound, her best friend Molly calling her name. Grace walked towards the sound and soon was with her friend. “What took you so long? I thought you would never come back!” Molly said happily. Grace said nothing she just dropped her heavy load in front of Molly and smiled. “Do you have a plan?” Grace asked, Molly nodded. Molly rummaged through the pile of stuff Grace had brought. “ where did you find this?” Molly asked holding up a bit of rope “ ground” “ its perfect, i have an idea all you need to do is keep bringing me stuff! I will stay here and start, but first, you look absolutely worn out! Come have a sleep.” Grace was glad to be able to rest she lay on a rock and soon was dreaming of home. Molly decided to also take a little nap, her mind had been busy all morning, and now she had a headache. Soon the two friends were both snoring.    

                              * * * *


Grace woke up with a stiff neck, to her surprise the moon was high in the sky, and the sun was gone. She rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. 





The sun was rising, Molly was up and building by the time Grace woke up. “Morning, so day two you know...” Grace didn’t get to finish “yes yes exciting, I’m running out of pieces, could you go get some more?” “ i guess” Grace sighed as she started walking into the thick darkness of the forest again, she knew it would not be fun, but if it meant going home then she would do it one thousand times.   


Molly whistled as she built, she sung her favorite song, a special song that her father wrote for her it was a silly song but she liked it 


  “Bird of the great blue sky they chirp 

Humans of the world below they burp                                            

Dogs of the crazy world they bark

      Humans of the earth they sing till dark

      Owls of the trees hoot hoot hoot....”

     Trains go along with a toot toot toot....”


Molly stopped as she listened to the owls hoot in the distance. She loved owls, Molly was enjoying herself greatly. She wondered if Grace was enjoying herself as much as she was. 


Grace walked and walked, three hours had past, and so far Grace had found, tin, wood, leaves, twigs, another small piece of rope and some pine cones. She wondered if that was enough, Grace decided to have a rest under a big pine tree. Grace sat on a rock, and soon found herself fast asleep. Grace awoke after sleeping for five  hours, she felt silly, she hadn’t meant to fall asleep, and now the sun was low, it was around three in the afternoon but she didn’t know that. Grace started walking again, after an hour of walking she was nearly back to camp, but so was danger, as Grace passed a big drift of snow, a saber tooth tiger jumped out at her. Grace started to run, but so did the tiger, it was chasing her! Grace yelled for Molly, as she ran into camp, the almost finished machine Molly was working on, was crushed as the tiger pounced on it. Molly jumped up from a rock and started to climb a tree, Grace followed throwing the things she had collected at its head. The tiger was big and tried to use its long legs to jump and pull one of us down, but we climbed higher till the tiger left us. “The machine!” Molly cried as she jumped from the tree and picked up the pieces “I’m so sorry... here are the pieces i found,” Grace said laying a hand on her friends shoulder. “Will you be able to fix it? Like so we could go home tomorrow?” Grace asked “ hopefully, if i really try, but what if the machine doesn’t work?” Grace didn’t answer “well you must be tired go on and have a sleep thanks for the pieces” Grace lay on the rock, but her mind raced.

Molly picked up all the pieces and started to work, although she too wanted a nap, she couldn’t while there was so much work to do. After nearly three hours of building Molly had built half the machine. But the sun was disappearing, and it was to dark to work. So Molly laid on her rock and thought about food. Soon she was pleasantly dreaming of home. 


Day three 


The sun was warm, but the air was cold. Molly woke up to the sound of Grace screaming, Molly jumped up and saw a herd of mammoths coming towards them. Grace and Molly hid behind a tree, as seven mammoths past, they were so big, they surly would’ve crushed them. 


After the early morning chaos the two friends worked hard to finish the machine that would hopefully take them home. They were both quenching for water and dreaming of food. “I wonder how we got here in the first place” Molly asked Grace as they both worked on the machine. But no matter how hard they thought neither of them could think of an answer. After 4 hours of hard work the machine was finished!  “Well, should we try it out?” Grace asked “yeah i guess,” so the two friends opened the lid to the machine and hoped in. It was a tight squeeze.“here it goes” Molly said as she pushed a small button. A blinding light flashed, and there was a loud sound, like an explosion. Then everything went black. When light returned, Grace and Molly climbed out of the machine, they were home! They said goodbye to each other and each ran to their house. Home at last, both Grace and Molly lived perfect lives, on the coast of Hawaii. 


                         THE END 




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