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A thunderous knock shakes the door. I jump up from the comfortable winged armchair, teacup clattering on my saucer, book slamming shut. “Open up!” I hear the gruff, deep voice of a man yell.


I slip into my jacket and open the door. A policeman stands there, a folded paper in his enormous hand. He waves the document in my face. “Search warrant, let me in.”


My throat closes up. “Why?” I croak.


“Haven’t you heard? About the escape?” The policeman shakes his head, the search warrant still in his hand. He tucks it under his arm with the rest of the papers and pushes lightly past me, into my house.


“I...” I can’t think of a good reason. But I can’t let him see… “Mister…”

He ignores me.


I scamper down the stairs to the basement, leaning against the hidden door. “They’re here,” I hiss through.


“Please keep him away. I don’t want to go back,” she whispers.


“You won’t have to,” I promise darkly, as the policeman’s heavy step starts down the stairs. I pick up a hammer and wrench, one in each hand. I will protect the poor thing, however mutated the lab made her.

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