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To be thankful for what you have is to be thankful for only half of what you have been given

Life may be better with money in your pocket, and a car to be driven

But would life be life without possibility?

Without the ability to dream into infinity?

It may not be obvious to those who only see what is ahead

But that is why our neck can spin

And why things can be heard without ever having been said

Why music can be more than sounds

And why it feels like we’re flying, while our feet are still flat on the ground

Did you ever stop and think about what life could actually be?

And not what it is?

Was that dream meant for you, or was it really hers, or was it his?

People live their life in poverty

Not having the essentials, and not knowing how to read

But with how our thoughts and minds can exceed the barrier of reality

Don’t we really always have everything that we need?

We should be grateful for what we can reach out and touch

But also for what some of us take for granted so much

It’s the power to think up a joke that’s really funny

Or to shop for whatever you want without any money

And the ability to write late into the night

Or fall in love with a picture, all alone with no one in sight

We should be thankful for the power to believe

Without it, life would not be life

But with it, we’ll always have everything that we’ll really ever need

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