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                                     The Wind

                        I feel the wind on my face

                            The wind uses haste

                       It pulls me in it pulls me out

                 That’s why the wind I never doubt

                             It is my existence

                                 It is my life

                   My soul the wind carries inside

                       Without the wind I would die 

                          It makes me whole inside

                           It's all that matters to me

                             When I'm sad I’m mad

                    And the wind makes me glad


      Wind is me and you,but the wind loves us so

            That’s something I would know

             God made the wind to be a friend

                      Not a foe

                Just your bro

           The wind does what the water can’t

             It can touch the sky

        So high the wind goes to battle its foes  

          The wind is my friend,the wind is me

         That's why the wind I love till I die 

High in the sky the wind carries me to heaven

It tucks me in so I can sleep

The wind puts me into eternal sleep


BY:Jacob Hurley