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Up in flames by: Rachel Anderson


“I don’t like you so I’m not giving you that 40% off of that shirt”! Come on Winston the rack said 40% off all items ,”please Winston not liking someone is not a good reason to be mean” the hopeless customer tried to convince Winston, he wasn’t going to give her the extra off even if that was the last thing he would ever do.  As Winston went home after a bad day he walked in to see his daughter Jennet who gets off at 2 after she is done teaching. “Jannet what are you doing here”? “Oh dad your home early Jennet mumbled. “Ya I got canned” he said sobbing “yah I know your boss called me and described how your wouldn't give that poor lady her 40% off just because you don’t like her”!  “She didn’t deserve it he stated jealousy. Okay well you know where the food is you can cook for yourself if your going to act like this. As Jennet tripped before she was about to go down the stairs because she had heard the lock of the door being attempted. They both immediately knew what do. She bursted over to her father and helped him down the stairs quickly. Dad where do we go?! To the hovel he mentioned in pain from his arthritis acting up. It’s in the cold storage room. Jannet opened it and helped Winston in and slithered herself in after him.  

Thankfully Jennet had her cell phone with her to call 911. But under ground there was no cell service.“  At Least she had it to document the time to report to the police Jennet stated with dissbelief. After 3 hours they felt safe to remove themselves from the hovel which was frigid and cramped .  Winston was the first one to step foot back into the home the place where he lost his wife and watched jennet grow up the world was spinning and wasn't stopping for any feelings Jennet looked around the house and gasped the table where she learned to read and that chair where she practiced guitar and the carpet where she would just sit and dream about the future was torn into shreds and everything, everything that she ever remembered was gone or broken.   Dead silence between the two within the shock ,surprise and horror. “how can one person be so heartless to do this to someone Jennet sobbed. What do we do ? I’m calling the cops “No don’t it’s probably someone getting revenge on us” why we have done nothing” Jennet I’ve done a lot of bad things in the past before your time .” wait what !? What have you done by now Jennet was feeling so much anger and hurt that he kept life threatening things from her. What has he done ?  

Let’s get this all cleaned up and maybe we will feel better about this whole situation.   Not one thing did they throw out it all went into boxes and into the storage room. Both not speaking a word because what do you say in these situations? It’s super confusing not knowing who did it and why.   The whole night in frustration between Jennet and Winston. This went on for a week went on in silence even when Jennet would leave for work not a goodbye ,have a good day nothing. That night had enough of all the trauma and herself and winston ignoring each other.  It was time to talk to him and see if he needed anything. “Dad do you need anything”? “No I’m fine go to bed “. BBBAAANNNGGG!!!!!!! Jennet had without a doubt jumped and ran back over to the hovel without Winston ! She didn't realize it until she had the lid almost closed .  “Dad” she screamed with horror. “Protect yourself I'll be fine” with thought Jennet assured herself that she needed to find safety before something happens to her. With tears in her eyes she lowers herself back into the hovel and glanced up as if she was taking her last breath of air as she peered across the room to see roaring flames, without thinking she kept going closed and locked the lid.  sheRoughly jumped down from the ladder into the bottom where there was just enough room to sit. She looked around and drew her knees into her chest and her head resting in her shivering arms,she cried. Should I go out ? To clarify that that Idea she heard the burning of her home, up in flames. The thought of losing everything that she ever loved she stopped crying and was so lost in thought that she fell asleep.  She awoke to looking around her seeing the floor burnt and the ladder gone. She managed to climb out of the hovel on guard in case of someone was to do something.  Everything, everything was burnt ,burnt to a crisp gone everything, gone.  One foot took the lead and crunched on the floor. Immediately ran to where her dad was laying when she left him.  There were 2 guys standing around his bed in black top hats and long dress coats. One holding a book and one just looking at him with no expression just a dead look.  “Hey! Who are you and what are you doing in my house and where is my dad ?” nothing ,no response so a head turn , or and twitch. Jennet place her hand on the one guys back to get his attention ad her hand floated  through him .she looked again and tried to out her hand on his shoulder again and nothing was stopping it. Both men turned around as if I had commanded them as a drill sergeant. Looked at me with their grey faces and I remember seeing my hands  turn green and fade away. Up my feet, every cell and bone , no pain. Just a thought of sorrow. Dried tears made her face tight and sticky Jennet looked at the roof and she was gone.


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