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It all happened that night, all too fast for someone to see but it did. That was the night that Riley met Mason and changed each others lives forever. The waves crashed against the rocks and the salty scent in the breeze flowed through the air. Nobody would ever have guessed that this night would lead up to two children's lives possibly being spared. They came from seperate directions and instead of walking by, the pretty girl paused mid stride and caught the young man's eye.


Words fail to come out of his mouth as he tries to say hello but Riley has already introduced herself by the time he can find words to express himself. They sat on the beach talking for hours feeling like they’ve known each other forever. Just as Riley was about to tell her secret a flashlight shone down on them and sirens began blaring. It was right then that they both new what to do. Looking at each other they scrambled to their feet at ran until they were able to stop and hide in a old beach house.

“What was that?” Mason exclaimed.


“Well that’s what I tried to tell you, I am a criminal I go around without anyone knowing late at night, my family doesn't even know so you have to keep this a secret.”


Taking it all in Mason quietly said “Me too.”


“Wait what?!, but you are so quiet and timid I honestly thought that you wouldn't like me after this.”

Mason smiled at her shyly.


“I have dissociative identity disorder which means I have two personalities, when i'm at home and around people i'm very shy but once i'm in a bad situation or thinking of commiting crime I turn into a completely different person.”


They just stared at each other in disbelief. Could they have really found someone who was just as they were? Have they finally found a true companion who will be with them even through their flaws? That's when the idea struck to them like a lightning bolt. The two of them were going to work together. Early in the morning the two of them set out on a week worth of crime across the province. Red deer was coming up soon and they quickly did a supply check.   


“So we will have a bank robbery in Edmonton, Home invasions in Calgary, and murder in Red Deer.” said Riley.


And like that they were gone. Bags were packed full into the vehicle and they had enough food to last them the week. Eventually Red deer was coming up quicker then they thought and they did a supply check. Once they stopped in the back of a dark alley.


“Are you ready?” asked Mason

“Always.” exclaimed Riley


Three two one… and like that they were in and out quicker than you could have imagined. The screams could’ve been heard a mile away and most definitely woke up the neighbours. They ran outside the back door and Riley tripped on something. She tumbled to the ground, quickly gathered herself and ran as she heard an alarm turn on. This is what got the blood rushing, her heart started racing, it's been a while since she has been this excited and a smile spread across her face as she jumped into the driver's’ seat and drove as fast as she could. Bump, Bump, Bump, the car drove over fallen trees and bushes. A big tree wasn't that far away so they parked behind it and fell asleep. They woke up early the next morning and drove to Edmonton with caution trying to stay away from police. Once they got there it was about four thirty and parked across the street. Mason went and turned off all the security systems. It wasn't until the last one turned off that Riley went in. But then one of the cameras turned on. In a panic Mason tried to tell her through earpiece. Unfortunately she was already at the register and an employee came in thru the door.

“Riley I need you to take the cash and slowly get out of there and be very quiet.” Mason whispered weakly.

“Ok” hesitated Riley


Footsteps became louder and clearer and that's when she knew she couldn't go slow.


“Mason I need to get out of here fast I can't hide for much longer.”


Riley panicked as her heart beat louder and faster. She could almost feel it come out of her chest. Masons personality switched to being timid and ran into the vehicle. He hid in the back where the windows were tinted. Riley ran out and looked for him everywhere. After a half an hour of searching she made a decision a hard one but it was made. She walked out to the car and started to drive away.

“It took you long enough” said Mason in the back of the car.


“What the…!”


The car swerved across the road into a streetlight and slammed in a building.


“I've been looking for you everywhere and you couldn't care to tell me where you were hiding?!”


                  “I I I I I'm sorry I just got scared and…”


“And what decided to just leave me there with the chance of getting caught you of all people should know how risky it is. I took the chance to stay and look for you and who knows what might've happened to me!”


“ I'm sorry it just, it just switched it never does that not in the middle of doing things anyways.”


Riley almost forgot how he had dissociative disorder. It wasn't his fault after all it was his brain.


“We never did get a chance to talk that much after that night did we?”


“No I guess we didn't”


“Well let's get to know more about each other I mean we no longer have a vehicle so we could just hide out somewhere tonight. Like a hotel maybe.”


So that night they settled in at a tiny hotel and stayed up talking learning more about each other. Mason was hard to open up and learn things about but he eventually gave in and the two of them had just created an unbreakable bond. The next morning they woke up and grabbed all of the necessary things from the trunk of the car. The money from the bank, two handguns loaded with enough bullets for a refill and food for on the way. They hitch hiked until they ended up in Calgary where the last part of their run ended. With the money that they stole they used half of it on a hotel and kept the rest incase of an emergency.


“Umm I'll be back in a bit I just have to go get somethings.”


“Ok but don't be too long it's almost time.”


The two of them exchanged a grin as he walked out the door. Riley sighed as she stretched out on the bed.


“Could I be falling in love with this stranger, this human being I had only met four days ago?”


She thought to herself. It wasn't the first time she thought about it and it started to make her nervous. Laying there deep in thought she sprung to her feet as her alarm went off. Mason still wasn't back yet and the fear of going by herself held her back.


“What is happening to you Riley this isn't you, you've never been scared to be on your own you've been alone since you were thirteen. And what you're letting a guy hold you back come one Riley this isn't yo…”


She stopped talking to herself mid word as he walked in. She stared at him for thirty seconds unable to do anything as if she were paralyzed.


“Are you ready?” He asked sounding perplexed.


“Uh yah, yah totally let's go.”


In unusual silence the two of them walked out the door and ran across the next three streets.


“You called the taxi for in twenty five minutes right?”


“Yep I called when I was out”


Looking directly into each other's eyes they both counted to three and busted down the door to the house. They spent the last hour making sure no one was home and here they are at their final dirty deed.


“You take the upstairs and I'll search the main floor.” Riley shouted


All they were able to find was money that was locked up in a safe. As Mason went to go check the last room he flicked on a what he thought was a lightswitch. Little did they know that it was a silent alarm. Police stormed into the building and aimed their guns at Riley. Mason grabbed Riley by the hand and ran. She couldn't even tell what was happening shots were being fired Mason might've been shot but she couldn't tell. She can feel him limping as they were running towards the grocery store where they told the taxi to meet them. Police cars were still chasing them and bullets were being fired directly for them and that's when Mason stopped. Riley stared at him in disbelief. And that's when Mason dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring from his pocket.


“Riley you are the most craziest girl I have ever met you made me realize things about the world and myself that I didn't even know and honestly whether we live or die know all I need to know is that u feel the same way.”


Riley’s smile grew huge


“Yes of course but we need to get out of here now before something bad happens to us. The taxi is right there hurry we can make it.”


All of a sudden a up close bang roars through the air and Mason gets shot. It's then that Riley's thoughts escape her mind and she goes back to being that courageous little girl she once was. She grabs Masons shoulders and helps him run to the taxi.


“To the airport please, and you wouldn't happen to have a first aid kit in here do you?”


And like that the two of them were in California were they belonged. Smiling Riley woke up from her dream of that night and turned and looked to her husband. Five years later they were together, happy, and have a family together all because of that crazy week in the summer of 2002.

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